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Morning Routine Need a Refresh? Make These 7 Small Changes

May 15, 2022

Each morning is fresh, different, and provides a new chance to set the tone for the rest of the day. Before focusing on your job, kids, partner, or whatever else consumes your daily schedule, why not spend some time on you first thing?

Remember - people don’t change their lives in a single morning. It takes time and practice. Your morning routine doesn’t have to be the same each day. Respect that each day is different, and you are different each day. A strictly scheduled routine might work best for you, while others enjoy flexible mornings that vary. The key is to start with small habits and allow them to grow into big changes. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, and start small with these 7 changes you can easily incorporate into your routine.

No more snooze button

Waking up early means different things to different people. Some find it exhilarating to jump out of bed at 5a.m. and have hours for themselves before heading off to work. Others have to set an alarm to create an hour to sip tea and journal before taking the kids to school.

Whichever category you fall into, stop hitting snooze. Capitalize on the morning hours by getting up and letting the light in. This time is for you!

Morning meditation or yoga

People put a lot of pressure on themselves to sit in stillness like Buddha in the morning. But let’s face it, most of us aren’t monks and have modern lives to lead. Don’t let stress fool you into thinking you don’t have time to breathe or stretch. Restricted on time? Search your favorite YogaToday teacher’s classes with a time filter applied. Fifteen or twenty minutes goes a long way and develops a healthy practice that you won’t want to veer from once you get in the habit.

Sip some lemon water

Squeezing half a lemon into a glass of water first thing in the morning sets your body up for success and has healthy long-term benefits. The most obvious is hydration. Most people don’t consume enough water. Refreshing, low-calorie morning lemon water will boost your hydration for the day while saving your waistline from drinks such as juice or kombucha.

The list is long for benefits of lemon water, but here are some big ones:

Think of how powerful lemon is on odors like garlic or fish. The same works for your mouth! It neutralizes morning breath by stimulating saliva and preventing dry mouth. (But please still practice good hygiene and brush your teeth.)

Lemons contain vitamin C, potassium, and citrate, which all play a role in keeping you healthy. A half lemon contains about one sixth of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C, which repairs cell damage and is great for skin because of its ability to help slow signs of aging and sun damage! Potassium is necessary for nerve-muscle communication, transporting nutrients, and blood pressure regulation. Citrate can help prevent or break down kidney stones because of its ability to “flush” the system and make urine less acidic.

Make your bed / straighten up your space

It’s a new day, why not start fresh? Instead of leaving your bed unmade and room cluttered, try tidying up a bit. Open the curtains, make your bed, put yesterday’s dirty laundry away, and bring cups to the kitchen. You might even spray some essential oils or burn incense. Your outside space is a reflection of your inner space. A clean home space will help your mind remain uncluttered throughout the day, and your evening self will thank you.

Shower mindfully

Sure, a shower is already a part of many morning routines. But next shower you take, try mindfully imagining negative or stagnant energy, dreams, and yesterday’s dilemmas washing down the drain. Put your head in the water so it’s all you can hear. Be present and feel yourself coming clean.

Avoid social media first thing in the morning

Connect with you first before allowing unsolicited energy from social media in. Begin breaking the habit of scrolling first thing by promising yourself you won’t enter the app until after you’ve taken care of yourself, whatever that means for you – go for a walk, drink coffee mindfully, journal, or try a combination of ideas from this list.

Check finances / make a to-do list / empty inbox

If you must be on your phone or computer, make it productive. Transfer some funds, set and prioritize goals for the day, or delete junk emails. This responsible use of technology will ease anxiety and make you feel organized.