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your soul's connection

Immerse in nature's splendor with yoga amidst breathtaking Sedona.

your inner bliss

Embrace nature's symphony as yoga meets the wilderness in Moab.

nature's serenity

Discover yoga's harmony in the majestic
Salt Flats.

the spirit

Find inner balance and radiance through yoga
in Jackson Hole.

your oasis of zen

Unwind, rejuvenate, and connect with
nature's rhythms through yoga in enchanting
Costa Rica.

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Yoga poses

Alignment is important. Proper alignment keeps the body safe, it allows the energy to
flow within the body, and enables you to enjoy our practice with fluidity and ease.

Standing Pose
Seated Pose
Hanuman’s Pose
Bow Pose
Chair Pose
Bridge Pose
Eagle Pose
Upward Plank Pose
Yogi Squat Pose
Warrior II Pose

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