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Navel Chakra Quiz to Discover Your Power

March 20, 2022

The navel chakra goes by several names, including the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, nabhi chakra, and Manipura. “Manipura'' means “lustrous gem” in Sanskrit, and this energy center relates to your personal power, self-esteem, energy of transformation, and your ability to meet challenges head-on.

 Our general chakra quiz offers an overview of all seven chakras, but if you want to feel more empowered to pursue your goals, the navel chakra is where to focus.

An Overview of the Navel Chakra

Energetically, the navel chakra is your personal powerhouse. Physically it is located in the abdomen area, starting at the navel point and extending up to the breastbone. The navel chakra is associated with the color yellow and the element of fire.

When your third chakra is strong and balanced, you feel confident, powerful, decisive, and capable. You project effectively in situations and can command respect, even in thorny situations. You’ve heard of the term “fire in the belly” - that’s a reference to an activated navel chakra.

When Out of Balance...

The third chakra in balance can leave you feeling like you can take on the world, but when it is out of balance, you may feel numb or overwhelmed, lacking in initiative or overly aggressive. You might experience digestive problems,  metabolic issues, or eating disorders.

When this chakra is overactive, you may become overly aggressive, too attached to your own positions and opinions, and controlling or overly rigid. Anger management can become a theme, and harmonious relationships may become hard for you to maintain.

When the third chakra is blocked, you might feel overwhelmed, insecure, and needy. Victim mentality can enter the picture, and you may have questions of identity. Decision-making is hard, and you might feel confused, indecisive, and lacking initiative.

Not sure if your navel chakra is in balance? Take our introspective 15-question quiz!

Is Your Navel Chakra in Balance?

  1. Is it hard for you to directly say what you want?
  2. Do you experience digestive issues on a regular basis?
  3. Have you gotten feedback that you are too aggressive in your speech or that the way you express anger is intimidating others?
  4. Do you feel like a victim?
  5. Do you try to control your environment?
  6. Is it hard for you to make clear, decisive decisions?
  7. Do you have an unrelenting inner critic?
  8. Do you feel insecure?
  9. Is it hard for you to stay focused on your goals?
  10.  Do you often feel tired and fatigued?
  11.  Are you rigid in your opinions?
  12.  Do you feel powerless and jealous?
  13.  Do you feel lost and like your life lacks purpose?
  14.   Is it hard for you to describe the future you want?
  15.  Is it hard to feel clear about your personal identity?

Score 1 for every yes.

0-5 = your navel chakra is likely in balance. You may have an issue or two to reflect on, but this is part of the human experience, and it is likely that you can effectively pursue your goals and actively participate in life.

6-10 = your navel chakra may be out of balance, either blocked or overactive. It’s worth making an honest assessment of your sense of yourself. If you conclude your navel chakra needs balancing, put together a clear action plan. You’ll feel more secure as you take concrete action.

11-15 = your navel chakra is out of balance, and you are likely suffering the consequences. Take back your power by making committed steps to get your navel chakra activated and balanced. This chakra is fundamental, so don’t delay in addressing any imbalances.

How to Rebalance the Navel Chakra

If you believe your navel chakra is out of balance, there are some practical steps you can take.

  • Eat healthy, balanced meals. This is the chakra that rules digestion, so give your body the support it needs by eating a nutrient dense, well balanced diet. Fresh, whole foods and lots of pure water are a great way to keep the fire in your navel center activated and balanced.
  • Practice generosity. Generosity is related to the navel chakra, so consciously practice generosity to help fire up this energy center. From pay-it-forward practices, to tipping your barista, generosity doesn’t have to set you back a lot financially. What is important is the spirit of giving, so find ways to weave generosity into every day.
  • Imagine your best future.  The navel chakra is all about powerfully moving towards your destiny, so dedicate some time to getting clear about your best path forward. Visualizing and journaling can be useful, or if you want group support, join a Mastermind group and work with a team to get clear on your goals. Whatever tools you use, begin to bring into sharp mental focus the life you want to have. And then put together a plan to start moving in that direction.

In Summary

The navel chakra is your powerhouse and fires you up to pursue your goals. Keeping it activated and in balance is key to manifesting the life you want. Follow the steps above to clear and balance your navel chakra and watch your best life unfold.