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Get to Know Grace Dubery

  • Megan

Grace is a yoga teacher and philanthropist based in Toronto and serving communities around the world. Born and raised in Lisbon, she discovered yoga in 2002 while studying at McGill University in...

Poses for Relaxation

  • JessieB

Need an instant chill session? Take a deep breath and try these restorative postures.

1. Child's Pose

Follow along with Mona as she demonstrates this restorative pose that calms the mind and central...

Tuesday Thoughts

  • Clare

"Truly perfect is becoming friendly with your imperfections on the way to doing something remarkable." -Seth Godin

Ask YogaToday With Adi Amar: How Does Yoga Help Fight Depression?

  • Clare

Depression is a mental illness that plagues 14.8 million American Adults. The debilitating symptoms of depression leave people feeling helpless, desperate, lost, isolated, fatigued, and disconnected...

​1st International Day of Yoga

  • Megan

With a record number of 177 co-sponsoring countries from around the world, the United Nations has declared June 21st as International Yoga Day. The UN creates special observances to promote...

6 Tips for Beginners

  • Clare

New to Yoga? Here are 6 tips to help ease into your practice.

1. Let go of the ego

Forget competition. No one is looking at you. No one is judging you. Try not to judge yourself.

2. Accept all...

Mindful Monday

  • Clare

Happy Monday! "Whatever the soul knows how to seek, it cannot fail to obtain." Words from Margaret Fuller


  • Clare

I practice Vinyasa yoga, but what actually is it? I often hear this question while I am waiting for class to begin, leaving the studio, grabbing a coffee or anywhere in between. What is Vinyasa?


Mindful Monday

  • Clare

Happy Monday! Here are some words of thought to help fuel your week. Namaste!

FREE DJ Yoga Classes at Contour Music Festival

  • JessieB

We are teaming up with the Contour Music Festival this weekend to offer FREE outdoor DJ yoga classes in beautiful Jackson Hole, WY. Join us each day of the festival for revitalizing flow classes set...

Stand Tall and Strong

  • Clare

The foundation of all standing postures: Mountain Pose, or Tadasana, is an important posture to be revisited often in your practice. Mountain Pose is not difficult: feet hips distance apart, knees...

5 Reasons Why Practicing Yoga at Home is for You


I’ve never made it to a studio on time. I typically forget my yoga mat at home and there’s only one class each week that fits into my schedule. Yoga feels good and I want to practice, but I miss...

3 Ways Yoga Will Make You A Better Athlete

  • Kim Whitman

“It’s like becoming a ninja.” This is what I tell my friends who are athletes teetering on whether to start a yoga practice. You may not be lifting huge weights or pushing the cardio limits,...

Welcome to YogaToday’s Prenatal Center

  • admin

Congratulations radiant mamas! Welcome to YogaToday’s exciting, new Prenatal Series! It is with a very full heart that I start off this blog by first acknowledging the tremendous gifts and...

Yoga in the First Trimester

  • Megan

A yoga practice during the first trimester can look different for everyone and different teachers have varied opinions on what is considered ‘safe’ during the first trimester. Before we talk...

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