Warrior III Pose • Virbhadrasana III

  • Sarah Kline

STEP 1 - Begin standing in mountain pose with your feet hip width apart and your arms alongside your torso. Begin with your breath. Raise your arms overhead with your palms facing each other. Press your weight into your right foot, grounding down through all four corners of the foot.

STEP 2 - Lift your left leg as you extend your torso and arms forward, bringing your body parallel to the floor. Your arms stay extended and avoid crowding the neck and shoulders. Keep the muscles of both legs engaged, straightening your standing leg while continuing to lift the left leg. Do not lock your knees.

STEP 3 - Work towards bringing your arms, torso, hips and raised leg parallel to the floor. You may need to lower the hip of your raised leg slightly in order to bring your hips parallel to the mat. Micro bend the knee of your standing leg versus locking it. Stretch your body from your fingertips all the way through that back lifted foot. Gaze at the floor a few feet in front of your body.

Target Area:

Hamstrings, Core, Shoulders

Therapeutic Focus:

Strengthens shoulders, hamstrings, calves, ankles and back. Tones the abdominal muscles and realigns your spine. Improves balance, posture and full body coordination.

Props & Modifications:

Bring arms alongside you with the finger tips facing behind you, place hands on hips or bring arms alongside ear reaching forward.