Seated Forward Bend | Paschimottanasana


STEP 1 - Begin seated with your legs stretched forward straight in front of you. Flex your heels and engage your quads pressing your inner legs down.

STEP 2 - Inhale and raise your arms above your head to elongate the sides of your spine. Exhale and fold forward from your hip crease. Grab your big toes with your pointer and middle finger.

STEP 3 - Inhale, extend your spine, and look forward. Exhale, drop the tops of the thigh bones and fold forward. Keeping your toes spread and your heels flexed, relax your neck and your jaw. Fill the belly and back plane of your body with your breath.

Target Area:

Back, Hamstrings, Calves, Shoulders, Posterior Portion of the Neck

Therapeutic Focus:

Helps digestion and calms the nervous system.

Props & Modifications:

Use a blanket or bolster under the buttocks and use a strap around your feet.

Grab on to big toes with your thumb and first two fingers. Hold on to the outer edges of the feet. Bind hands at the bottom of the feet.