Mountain Pose • Tadasana


STEP 1 - Begin by standing at the front of your mat. Look down at your feet and place your heels as wide as your hips. Line up your heels behind your second and third toe. The outer edges of the feet should be parallel with the outer edges of the mat.

STEP 2 - Squeeze the inner thighs together. As you squeeze your lower legs together, keep the arches of the feet lifted. Internally rotate the thighs and roll the inner thighs backwards. Anchor your tailbone down. Keeping those actions, rise up from your pelvis through the whole column of your torso. Allow your shoulder girdle to lift and the top of your sternum to elevate.

STEP 3 - Draw your upper arm bones back and place your shoulder blades on your back. Keep lifting up through your throat, neck and crown of head. Line the roof of your mouth over your chest and over your pelvis. Hug the lower ribs in toward the midline of the body.

Target Area:

Whole Body

Therapeutic Focus:

Benefits whole body alignment and active movement.

Props & Modifications:

Use a block between your legs to increase spatial and embodied awareness.