Half Moon Pose • Ardha Chandrasana

  • Simon Park

STEP 1 - Begin in triangle pose. Take a wide stance and extend your arms straight out to your sides, palms facing down. Your front foot should be turned out 90 degrees with toes facing the front edge of the mat and your back foot should be facing the side edge of the mat.

STEP 2 - Keeping the torso long, bring your front hand down to the mat and place it on the pinky toe side of the front foot. To move in to half moon, bend in to the front knee and reach your grounded hand a few inches forward. Draw your other hand to your back hip. Push off of your back foot and bring your weight on to your front leg. Lift up the back leg and start to stack the hips.

STEP 3 - Open up the hips and open up the chest. Start to bring your hand off of your hip and extend the arm high. Finger tips reach toward the sky. The lifted leg is strong and straight. The toes are flexed and the leg is slightly internally rotated. Keep lengthening the tailbone. Ground down through the standing foot and feel all four corners of the foot.

Target Area:

Hamstrings, Waist, Hips, Shoulders

Therapeutic Focus:

Stimulates abdominal organs and relieves back pain.

Props & Modifications:

Keep the bottom hand on the mat for balance or extend the bottom arm out alongside the ear. 

Use a block underneath your grounded hand for height and stabilization. An expanded option is to take the pose farther by bending the lifted leg and reaching back for the top of the foot with your lifted hand.