Easy Pose • Sukhasana


STEP 1 - Begin this pose by sitting, activating and flexing your feet to then cross one shin over the other. Sit on both sitting bones, and reach down and roll the inner thighs down and apart as you simultaneously pull your buttocks flesh back, helping you get on your sitting bones and bring your perineum (pelvic floor) parallel to the floor.

STEP 2 - If you are on your sitting bones, then your lower back should have its natural curve and you can sit and breathe, anchoring down with each exhale and rising up with each inhalation.

Target Area:

Hips, Back

Therapeutic Focus:

Promotes grounding. Calms the mind and nervous system. Relieves back pain.

Props & Modifications:

Sit on height a bolster, blanket or block if you cannot get your lower back in and up, and/or if you cannot get on your sitting bones to support your knees. You can also place blocks or blankets under your shins.