Grace Dubery

Meet the instructor

Grace is a yoga teacher and philanthropist based in Toronto and serving communities around the world. Born and raised in Lisbon, she discovered yoga in 2002 while studying at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and began teaching in 2006.

In 2007 Grace completed her Political Science and African studies degree in Kenya. It was there that she first experienced how yoga can build communities and provide profound healing in a fragmented world. She deepened her ties to the continent travelling to South Africa in 2011 with Off the Mat, Into the World ®, and supporting health and education programs that provide tools and resources for HIV/AIDS prevention. In 2013, she returned to Kenya with Africa Yoga Project. Today, she continues to travel and share her practice all over Africa through trips, retreats and various community initiatives.

As an ambassador for Lolë Women Grace was chosen to lead the Lolë White Worldwide Yoga Tour sessions in Toronto, Edmonton and Paris – global events that bring together thousands of people for uplifting yoga classes dedicated to peace.

Grace’s teaching draws from various yoga traditions. Using a non-dogmatic approach, she views the physical practice as a gateway, not an end in itself. Her Vinyasa Flow classes are creative, dynamic, attentive to technique and alignment, and always include variations suitable for all levels of experience.

Grace believes that an individual’s journey inward must ultimately lead back outward, to engagement with the community, and that the teachings of yoga are not intended to be confined to the mat. This inspires her to deepen her commitment to development projects, both locally and abroad.

In Toronto, where she lives, Grace continues to practice with her primary teacher, Ron Reid. For her, yoga is meant to expand greater stillness within the self. Her ultimate goal, in practice and in teaching, is to inhabit that space more frequently and more comfortably.

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Work Into Chinstand

Open your chest and shoulders, warm up your core, and use props to safely access chinstand. Perfect for an intermediate yogi looking to advance their practice.

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Improve Your Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

Begin with floor work to open the hamstrings and hips and work up to balance using Grace’s alignment tips and the help of props.

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Floss the Shoulders

Develop shoulder stability and mobility with Grace’s short “shoulder flossing” sequence, designed to open the upper body after sitting at a desk all day or to prepare you for more advanced asana.