Top 3 Supplements for Traveling

  • Hannah Aylward
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Top 3 Supplements for Traveling

By Hannah Aylward


As I sit here writing this article from the West Coast of Ireland, I am looking out into lush, green fields of rolling hills. This place is magical. Traveling has been and always will be a huge part of my life. It lights up my soul. However, it can be very rough on the body sometimes.

It’s important for me to keep somewhat of a routine while traveling. This allows me to feel grounded, vibrant, and ready for exploring. Daily movement, sunshine, good food, lots of water, sleep, and my go-to supplements are a must.


Here are the top three supplements you’ll always find in my suitcase:

* These supplements are purely the ones that I use and do not act as medical advice.


Magnesium - Glycinate + Citrate

Magnesium can aid in relieving travel stress and help with keeping you regular, if you know what I mean. Constipation and bloating can really put a damper on a vacation, so this is an absolute must for me (plus warm lemon water and morning walks). Magnesium citrate has good bioavailability, is rapidly absorbed, and is a great option for helping loosen stools.

Magnesium Glycinate helps to relax the muscles in the body, and as opposed to other forms of magnesium used for constipation, it helps with trouble sleeping, tight and sore muscles, and feelings of anxiety. On top of all of this, most people are deficient in magnesium, as stress depletes it from the body. I like to take this when getting ready for bed to help my body relax and encourage a deep, restful sleep.


Oregano Oil

Oregano oil has amazing antibacterial and antiviral qualities. I use it with clients to help kill off bad bacteria in the gut when dealing with a gut health issue. I also take it whenever I feel like I may be coming down with something.

When traveling, exposure to different foods and bacteria increase. Oregano oil helps kill off any bacteria that we are exposed to, while also supporting our immune system. It’s a win-win! Gas and stomach aches can typically be traced back to bad bacteria in the gut. Those scones, big glasses of red wine, and dark chocolate truffles feed that bacteria, unfortunately. If I indulge in these and encounter a rumbling tummy, I take some oregano oil and almost always feel better immediately.


Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a highly adsorbent (which means to bind to) material with millions of tiny pores that capture, bind, and remove poisons, heavy metals, chemicals, and intestinal gases.

Western medicine primarily uses activated charcoal to soak up poisons or other toxins in a hospital setting. However, it can be used for so much more like general detoxification, digestive health, gas, bloating, heart health, and anti-aging. While traveling, it’s likely we’ll come across some questionable food and drink more alcohol than we are used to. For this reason, I like to take high-quality activated charcoal after a night of drinking, whenever I eat something that doesn’t make me feel right, and whenever I travel (especially on an airplane as it exposes you to all kinds of germs plus high levels of toxic jet fuel and other airborne contaminants).

The charcoal binds to the toxins, and helps my body get rid of them in a timely manner, allowing me to actually enjoy my vacation! It is best to take it between meals and a few hours after using any supplements or prescriptions, as it will interfere with the absorption. Always drink a lot of water with it to avoid constipation.


Supplement Runner Ups:

Greens powder—amazing for constipation, cell energy, inflammation, and getting in those nutrients

Probiotics—to help feed that good bacteria in the gut and keep you feeling normal, healthy, and happy

Digestive Enzymes—helps break down meals, especially important when eating at restaurants with questionable ingredients and large portions

Vitamin C—to support the immune system

*We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. You should consult your health care professional before making any changes to your regular health care routine.

Hannah Aylward

Hannah Aylward is a Certified Health Coach, nutrition consultant, fitness instructor, healthy living expert, and founder of HAN. She helps both men and women around the world lose weight, heal skin disturbances, balance hormones, heal gut imbalances and feel at home in their bodies through healthy eating, movement, mindfulness and positive self-talk. Her goal is to help others “learn the tools that they need to live the lives they deserve”. Get to know her by visiting her website and following her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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