In the Stars: Your January Horoscope

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Photography by Britt Chudleigh.

Courage and powerful moments brings new beginnings. Happy New Year, muses! May 2017 bring your greatest expectations to life.

2016 is over, and in these numbers, we leave behind a universal numerological ‘9’ year; a year of endings, as we enter into a ‘1’ year. A new cycle of 9 starts over and with it fresh energy and beginnings. January is also ruled by the number 1 so this theme may feel present in a grand way over the next four weeks. Courage is the theme of the month, as we find ourselves on paths unknown to us, bringing up fear, hopefulness, and the excitement for what possibilities lie ahead.

As we find ourselves in Capricorn Season at the start of this winter month, the sun is slowly gaining strength just as we are slowly recognizing what we want to shine and be recognized for this year. It’s in this season that we should initiate new goals for what we hope to achieve and find success or acclaim in. Our achievements over the past year may be garnering merit and we can use this as a platform in order to focus on the next highest peak to conquer and stand on top of come summer when the sun is gifting us its greatest light. Wait until after the 8th to sign papers or take any first steps into a new path, as Mercury retrograde isn't allowing us to see all of the information we need. On the 12th our Cancer full moon comes in hot, entangled in a battle of wills with planet of power, Pluto. Perspective is the key word here, so step back and look at any heated issues from different angles before acting. Things initiated in the summer months will be coming to fullness and our roots, homes and families could be the focus.

As we move to the 20th, Aquarius Season presents itself. Still in the heart of winter, darkness has us tending to our inner flame, but the daylight is making an impact and we begin to recognize how the things we are capable of, grow greater and mean more to humanity when paired with the things others are good at. Collaboration and the spirit of progress become a focus with vital energy. Individuality reigns supreme, making it the perfect time to fly our freak flag and be proud of it! January 27th brings the Aquarius new moon, the perfect timing to initiate goals related to groups, industries and movements you want to be connected to. 

[Photography by Britt Chudleigh featuring model, Brooke Musat.]

Yoga Homework: Capricorn Season rules our bones, joints and knees and brings with it a focused, determined time of year that also taps into core strength and our foundations — which can bring an excess of stress. Poses such as low lunge will get the joints of your knees warmed and stretched while cobra with leg lifts will engage our abdominal muscles in a not so stressful way (or spend more time in plank pose if you are up for the challenge of the season). Spending extra time in child’s pose is a lovely way to help relieve some stress and fatigue. As we move into Aquarius Season on the 20th, our calves, shins, ankles and circulation become the focus. Try pulsing up and down onto your toes, while in downward dog, to generate more blood flow to these parts of your body.


Aries || Aries Rising

Psychic experiences bring advancement. You sit at the top of the zodiac as we ring in the new year, Aries! With the season of Capricorn ruling over your career, achievements and recognition, new opportunities could be coming your way and people are watching you, especially those in positions of authority. It's a time to set your sights on tough peaks to summit and push your will to achieve daunting goals. Step-by-step, little-by-little, each small step builds its way to making you find the greatness you are capable of conquering. With Mercury retrograde at the start of the month, it's fine to be plotting, planning and researching, but hold off on your first steps until after the 8th or you may miss some important information, creating some tough backtrack scenarios in your Capricorn themed initiative over the course of the year. Expansive, this is a word that is going to flavor your relationships and partnerships from now until October. With Jupiter in your house of other, all things equalizing will feel optimistic and exuberant. You may even be able to turn enemies into allies, tie the knot with a soulmate or see huge returns coming in through a partner this year. Saturn is teaching you to be steady and responsible when it comes to your big dreams and life philosophies and by the end of the year, you may hold more authority in your global or philosophical beliefs. As the Cancer full moon beams overhead on the 12th, issues of power could surface on the home front. Take a step back before reacting, you need perspective now. Most of the month, your ruler, Mars will be in fluid and spiritually connected Pisces. Your dreams could be vivid and psychic experiences may suddenly sweep into your tangible life. With Venus in close proximity to Mars, there is value and pleasure in these spiritual experiences, so don't brush them off and be aware of the messages that synchronicity is showing you. On the 20th you shift from your Capricorn themed desires for achievement to those of Aquarian notions of being part of groups and movements that are making progress and creating change in the name of humanity. The friendly Aquarius new moon arrives on the 27th making it a great time to assert yourself into more collaborative and group related activity. The next day, your ruler, Mars, moves into your own sign after a two-year tour of the zodiac. You may feel on fire and much more clear headed than you've felt in a long time. You have an agenda now, and you have equal doses of energy to chase your agenda with the spirit of the warrior you are.

Best Date: January 11th, Pluto sends a message to your ruler making you feel empowered through the security of home and family.  


Taurus || Taurus Rising

Conquering new worlds with friends. Perspective is your word as we start the month with Capricorn Season ruling your connection to just that — along with global explorations, seeking, and your life beliefs or philosophies. This is serious stuff to you and finding your own sense of authority and structure here or trusting those of authority in these things will get you feeling more forward motion in this part of your life. New doors may be opening to you as we start the year for a more expansive experience in your life but hold off until after the 8th on taking any action, as Mercury retrograde is blinding you to some pertinent information. On the 3rd, your ruler, Venus, moves into a very social part of your chart as she glides into queen of the arts and compassion, Pisces. You may have psychic flashes around friends, groups or humanity at this time, giving you insight on how you can contribute to the progress of something spiritual in this world. On the 12th, Venus will meet up with Neptune and your timing may feel very synchronized on this day. Being in the right place at the right time will draw you into gorgeous groups and friendships that will value you in deep ways. This is also the date of our Cancer full moon — a lunar event that may feel tough. With powerful Pluto opposing the things coming to fullness around communications and connections to your home and family, take a step back to gain new views of any issues that arise. Looking at issues differently and getting perspective from others involved may calm your reactionary ways for the better. Being able to hold complexity shows a level of maturity that you have the opportunity to broaden through things surfacing now. Your intuition is high and divination systems (astrology, tarot, etc.) may help you channel that inherent quality at this lunar event. On the 20th, Aquarius Season enters the picture and with it a shift in focus. You've been energetically tied to issues of belief and the polarity of security as well as that of knowledge, but now career and achievement hopes take over. On the 27th, the Aquarius new moon will have you thinking a lot about what you want to achieve over the next year and how that can move you into working with humanity, friends, progressive movements, industries and networks. You bring a lot of structure and authority to systems and this is your time to assert yourself toward new peaks to climb in that regard. This is also the day that Mars moves into your 12th house of behind the scenes dealings, so secrets, illusion and fluidly navigating spiritual information or institutional information could come on in passionate ways.

Best Day: January 12th, although the full moon may have you in a mood, your ruler's meeting with Neptune will also bring something very sweet into your life through friendships.


Gemini || Gemini Rising

Powerful entanglements. This is a strong time of year for you Gemini, as disciplined Capricorn Season rules the part of your chart that has you merging your resources with others, bringing up issues of power, control and depth. You bring a lot of structure to your psychological and financial investments and probably like clear boundaries around how and what you allow sharing in. This part of you may feel stuck at times, but finding ways to become an authority in these things or working with those you see as authorities here will help you own your own command and create more flow and trust in the empowerment that can come from sharing with others. You can accomplish much in this area of your life, but it requires a steep climb for you. Fresh energy could be opening to you here, and that is great, but hold off on taking actual action on the things arising until after the 8th when Mercury returns to direct motion. This is your ruler and when he's in retrograde, you are not seeing all the piece needed to move forward in the area he's orbiting. On the 12th, our yearly Cancer full moon illuminates our cold winter skies, allowing us to see themes of home and security that we've been working on, come into their own. There's a tough opposition from Pluto to this lunar event, so your sense of value and worth may come into question now, striking a chord that will have you feeling self-protective. On the 20th, we shift seasons into Aquarius' domain and for you, a focus on broadening your horizons and seeing or learning about more of our world's' beliefs and cultures will have you thinking systemically about how we can get our religions, groups, and cultures to collaborate toward more progress for humanity. A connection to groups is where you best find your perspective on life, and the new moon on the 27th is the perfect time to find the ones that speak to you. The next day, Mars moves into his home sign of Aries after a two-year tour of the zodiac. This will give you an extra dose of wanting to participate in collaborative projects and feel like part of something bigger than yourself. You are a great initiator of group activity, so it's time you lead the charge to help our world become a better place.

Best Day: January 29th, with your ruler and Pluto in cahoots, things that felt uncomfortable at the new moon may get resolved with some logical and open-minded dialogue.


Cancer || Cancer Rising

Emotional highs and lows. This month is a powerful one for you, but we'll get there. As we enter January, Mercury is in retrograde so it's best to sit tight on the new doors that Capricorn Season is opening to you until after the 8th. Relationships are a major focus with our sea-goat at the helm, and you have high aspirations on how to create stable and enduring partnerships as well as equality in the corporate world. On the 3rd, Venus joins Mars and Neptune in Pisces in your 9th house of belief and horizon broadening, all in lovely angle to your sign. There should be many artistic and spiritual forces at play that guide your life philosophies and expand your point of view this month. As we approach the 12th your emotional self is set free allowing your moods to paint our landscape as you feel so inclined to do. Your yearly full moon falls on this date, and it's always a big one to listen to as she rules your sign. You may feel like an oracle now, getting intuitive inspiration around just about everything. Things very personal and feminine in nature are cycling to a state of fullness now. Think back to last July for things you were initiating or that felt important to you and allow those things to flood into your life with more depth and tangible realness now. With power planet Pluto opposing your ruler at this event, battles of will may surface in your relationships. Instead of reacting right away, try to step back to get some perspective. We also have Uranus and Jupiter square to your ruler, so a crossroads-like feeling could appear. Again, perspective will help and taking action one issue at a time will ease these tense aspects, helping you see with greater clarity where you should be focusing. Aquarius Season electrifies as it takes over on the 20th, switching your focus to how you share and entangle yourself with other people, their resources, and privacy, in turn bringing up issues of control and power in your life. These are intense and deep things to navigate, but with Aquarius ruling this part of your chart, you are likely quite open and positive — possibly even experimental or scientific in this regard. Our yearly Aquarius new moon arrives on the 27th, and new doors will open to you, allowing you to share and join forces with others for more control and empowerment in your life. 

Best Day: January 2nd, your ruler, the moon, is cozily snuggled between beautifying Venus, assertive Mars and artistic Neptune making it a gorgeous day to do any kind of creative and artistic activity. Psychic flashes could surprise you.  


Leo || Leo Rising

Grand productivity. As we ring in the new year, Capricorn Season is our cosmic leader, and for you, Leo, that means your time of year to be super productive, to purify your life and efficiently organize all that's been scattered or become of no use to you anymore. There's a little hiccup though. Mercury is in retrograde having turned at the end of 2016 and won't station direct until the 8th. At that point, all of the projects you've been eyeing, the health and wellness efforts you've been feeling the need to initiate and general house cleaning of your daily lifestyle will start to pick up speed, and you'll be able to count on your Capricorn traits in this area to thoroughly and with utmost structure and dedication, get things running like a well-oiled machine in your daily duties. Our yearly Cancer full moon makes an illuminated appearance on the 12th with some tough aspects. Pluto has some issues with the things Cancer is bringing to fullness now, so an opposition to things that may be sustaining our roots and homes could come up. With your placement right next to Pluto, you can see the issue with more perspective than most. Allow some space and tackle one issue at a time if several come up. This will whittle down the tense feelings going around and allow you to place your focus where it's needed most. Any issues with things that come up at this lunar event, where our nurturing selves are wanting to bloom, will have a chance to be resolved when Mercury hooks up with Pluto on the 29th, so do be patient. As we reach the 20th, Aquarius Season brings a new vibe and with it, your time to be playful and rejuvenate your relationships, your activist spirit around fighting for equality for all of humanity, and your connection to design, balance and harmony. You are a bit of an oddball in all of these and freedom needs can make you seem aloof to your significant others. Do be sure to let them know how much they mean to you during this season as you refresh all things partnering — especially at the Aquarius new moon on the 27th. On the 28th, Mars returns to his own sign of Aries after a two-year tour of the cosmos, and this is great news for you as this is a friendly fire sign. You may feel a new surge of energy and assertive zeal around exploring the world, feeling new found hope and optimism and a belief in life's opportunities.

Best Day: January 7th, your ruler has its once a year meeting with Pluto, bringing you more resources to engage in work and projects that could have you feeling empowered.


Virgo || Virgo Rising

Authoritative spotlight. It's your season to shine, dear Virgo. You are the sign least comfortable in the spotlight, but it's yours as we enter the new year, so do take time to bask in the warmth, creativity and leadership potential that's laying at your feet. Your self-expressive style is very structured and authoritative, and you have the capability to create and model in architectural ways — whether that's in creating a successful business, a building, the architecture of a website or simply as a responsible and respective leader. You sit at the top of the chain when it comes to your possibilities as a leader, but few of you ever tap into this because of the steep climb and responsibility required to reach this acclaim as a creative and leader in our world. Step-by-step and you've got this, Virgo. Things start out slow this month with your ruler in retrograde in our seasonal sign. Plan, plot, and brainstorm all you want, but don't set out through any of the new doors opening to you until after the 8th, when Mercury returns to direct, and you are seeing clearly. There is so much beauty circling your relationships this month as Venus moves into Pisces on the 3rd, joining Mars and Neptune in your partnering house. Be as lovely and flirtatious with your partner as possible, as this is a rarity to have so much gorgeous energy to give to another. If single and looking, it could be a lovely month to date around! You'll be in demand with both your romance and partnership houses lit up. On the 12th, our yearly Cancer full moon arrives, and it's a big one as it's the sign ruled by our lunar goddess. All things feminine, protective, nurturing, our roots, and families, and homes will have fullness blooming through them, but this is not without some difficulty. Pluto wants to oppose what's manifesting, or at least challenge the merits of the lunar events. Stepping back for perspective is advised if any moody issues surface around this day. Tackle one problem or question at a time so as not to scatter your energies. There are several planets at odds now, so if you have a natal planet near 22 degrees of a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra) you may be in the line of fire. As we move along to the 20th, Aquarius Season takes over and with it a drive to be productive and purifying in your lifestyle, health, wellness and work projects. You have an erratic style of getting through your to-do list but your methods have their own brand of genius, and you do well to be in collaborative scenarios on a daily basis and can best be utilized for progressive work and think-tank style projects. On the 27th, new opportunities could present themselves to you and cutting edge technology, groups or a health movement could suck you in.

Best Day: January 29th, your ruler and Pluto meet up, making you a powerful star in our presence at the end of the month. Own your authority, power and star potential now.


Libra || Libra Rising

Lasting roots. Happy New Year, Libra! You get the jackpot in 2017 with the planet of expansion, optimism and vision, Jupiter, in your sign until mid-October. As we start the month, Saturn is in lovely angle to Jupiter, adding a layer of determination, dedication and singular focus to your grand and potentially global pursuits. With Capricorn Season, and its still cold hours, ruling the cosmos as we enter January, home and your foundational roots are the focus; but as new doors have been opening in relation to this area of your life, it's best if you can hold off on any initiations or first steps until after the 8th when Mercury stations direct after a few weeks of retrograde motion. Things will be clearer and information will be more accurate for you to move forward — otherwise some back tracking may be in the cards. A little trip back to the 3rd marks a special day when your ruler, Venus, moves into the sign of Pisces, joining Mars and Neptune. This could indicate some glamorous and artistic work projects, wellness and healing activities and a productive spirit. Once we pass the 8th, putting structure and dedication into the things that make you feel secure and safe, possibly your home and family, and savings will bring you the authority you need to feel in order to move into your next season, Aquarius Season, when you'll be asked to be in the spotlight. The 20th is when this electric season arrives as does your thirst for creation and leading. When it comes to groups, eccentricity, originality and all things progressive, you take the spotlight and lead the charge. Your creative expression is interesting and ahead of its time with a humanitarian bent. You probably love leading groups, but may be more aloof when it comes to leading other individuals, preferring a degree of freedom from being tied to hovering over a the details of creations. System creation could be a specialty in your wheelhouse, and the genius that you express in that regard gains much attention and admiration. On the 27th, new doors will start to open to you regarding your creative style and leadership qualities.

Best Day: January 12th, your ruler meets up with Neptune, making you feel highly artistic as well as brings the possibility of have psychic or synchronized experiences.


Scorpio || Scorpio Rising

Powerful information brings authority. It's a new year bringing a whole new mentality, and that's where you start the month, Scorpio. Our numerological vibrations change when we change the year number, and so as Capricorn rules the area of your chart having to do with thought process, communication and connecting with community, a whole new way of seeing and thinking could seep into your mind. You will always be a linear and structured communicator, but the things you are needing to process and talk about will likely be changing in tone. With Mercury in retrograde until the 8th, if you can hold off on any new initiations until then that would be ideal, as Mercury is scrambling the airwaves, making it hard to get correct directives. But, once we pass that date, all the new doors that have been opening to you since the new moon at the end of last month will be ready for you to walk through. Confidence and dedication to learning new things, and connecting with new ideas, people, information and communities will be prevalent. The 12th brings a moody full moon, not only because it falls in the moody sign of Cancer, ruled by the moon, but also because there are some tough angles to this lunar event. The heavy hitter will be Pluto opposing whatever might be trying to manifest or blossom at this time. It's best to take a step away if issues arise so you can see with perspective. Take on one problem at a time as not to scatter your focus, and things will soon ease up as you intuitively deal with what's at hand. Your beliefs, worldly curiosity and visionary potential are ripening on the vine and things you've been pondering and questioning since summer will start to bear fruit now. Most of the month you will have your co-ruler, Mars, as well as Venus and Neptune in the creative and leadership area of your chart so a bit of limelight will make its way to you, showing the world how artistic, composed and integrally capable you are. You have a complex creativity that is highly inspired, and you lead in the same way. As we move on to the 20th, Aquarius Season gets the torch passed its way, and your home and family will become a focus. You may be aloof and progressive when it comes to your style of nurturing, growing roots and protecting your security. You probably love to have groups and friends into your home and enjoy adopting friends as family. This is a lovely thing, but be sure you also tend to the feminine and caring side of growing roots by making your home and family feel safe and protected, rather than putting all of your nurturing energy toward the collective. On the 27th, the Aquarius new moon gifts you with new opportunities to tend to the roots of your life that give you strength and stability. Make sure you nurture the things that present themselves, as they will give you a more solid foundation to safely operate from. 

Best Day: January 7th, the sun meets up with your co-ruler, Pluto, for a once a year visit. This will leave you feeling more vital and energized through powerful information that makes its way to you.


Sagittarius || Sagittarius Rising

Sociability enhances self-worth. As we enter the new year, your senses, your sense of value and your self-worth are up for review. The sun is shining here, shedding much light on any stuck energy you may have, and your sign tends to get the most stuck energy in this area as Capricorn ruling the roost here is a limiting sign, often bringing up feelings of inferiority. If you dedicate yourself to one step at a time and a focus like you're climbing Mt. Everest, you have the most capability to be an authority and successful around your connection to value. The problem is you have the steepest climb of any sign to feel valued, and many don't put the effort in that's needed to climb that daunting peak in front of them — but serious determination will make you the star of this area in life. You need to pay attention to what you value, develop your senses, find grounding and become an expert in something that you can then share as an authority — this is how to get this flow of energy unstuck in your chart around value and your worth. With Pluto in this part of your chart, many a Sag is undergoing major destruction of their income and possessions, followed by a rebuilding phase. This is tough, but you always get the chance to rebuild better, especially now that you've seen where your weak points, shoddy workmanship and bad materials were placed. I think in the next few years, that you Sagittarians are in for a comeback and some serious valuing of yourselves. Commit to developing your authority and honoring it by sharing it in order to give others more authority in their lives. Your senses will come to life, and you'll create the most solid, stable of form in your life. With Mercury retrograde until the 8th, hold off on new endeavors connected to finding more value until then — the doors will be wide open to start new efforts after that. The 12th brings a moody full moon in Cancer with several planets in tough aspect to it. Mostly, power planet Pluto is hell bent on opposing the things blossoming now, but a step back for some perspective will give you the right angel to deal with any issues that do arise. As we move on to the 20th, Aquarius Season arrives and your ideas, communications and community connections take center stage. You are erratic and a touch aloof in these things, but also, possibly a genius. At the new moon of this sign on the 27th, doors are opening to you with exciting and progressive connections, friends and groups. Systems deliver messages that catapult you into original and unique ways of spreading your messages. With Jupiter nestled into the Libra area of your chart this year, ruling your group and friendship orientations, much expansion is possible in the progressive and harmonizing ways you have in groups.

Best Day: January 1st, austere Saturn is living in your sign this year, but today he's in his nicest angle that he'll be in all month, making things feel a bit lighter than they have in some time.


Capricorn || Capricorn Rising

Personal desires bring stability. Welcome to 2017, Capricorn, and sitting at the top of the zodiac in true mountain goat fashion, we start the year in your personal season of the year. With the sun shining its light on you at the start of January, it's your time to pay attention to your personal agenda and what it is you most desire to create in your life this year. This could be as simple as improving your yoga practice or as complex as starting your own business, but whatever it is, it's your time to plant seeds and write out goals, and steps for those goals, in order to initiate first steps toward these desires. With your ruler currently in Sagittarius, things artistic, spiritual or connected to institutions, secrets or behind the scenes dealing may be calling to you, and likely they will be visionary, lofty callings as Sagittarius shoots for the stars. Wait until after the 8th to actually take initiative, as Mercury is in retrograde until then, but plan, plot and dig into some research as much as you feel compelled to do. On that note, because Mercury is retrograde in your sign, you could be getting the brunt of this event. Mixed messages, missed messages, delays, problems with cars, phones, computers ... any of this is very possible in your life right now. As we reach the 12th, our yearly Cancer full moon illuminates our skies and with this being your polar sign, you will be faced with a feeling of either being very balanced or very unbalanced. Cancer rules our roots and the energy that nurtures and protects us. It's what's needed to create a solid base for your sign to reach great heights, like a tree, showing off its impressive reach of branches and structure. If you did well with nourishing your Cancer side, you will feel very stable and supported now as its fullness is coming about. In your chart, it rules your relationships and ability to harmonize and bring equality into balance. Make some efforts here in order to find the stability you need now. Pluto, planet of power and transformation is opposing this lunar event from your own sign, so there will likely be some power struggles to contend with as well as a few challenges from Jupiter and Uranus. Step back for perspective before reacting to anything around the 12th and deal with one issue at a time to keep your focus intact. Tensions will ease up if you can see from other points of view and deal with one issue at a time. As we move on to the 20th, Aquarius Season begins, and your senses will become heightened as will your connection to your possession, self-worth, and the flow of value streaming through your life. If things feel stuck here, learn to let go of what you no longer value, as well as give of the things you possess a lot of — what goes around comes around. You likely have eccentric sensibilities, but ones that are tied to progressive and humanitarian notions. Friendships may feel like a dear possession, but don't try to possess friends, instead collaborate and notice when space is needed. The 27th is our new moon for this sign and season and a time when fresh opportunity and energy will come into play.

Best Day: January 2nd, the moon in inspired Pisces, Jupiter in expansive Sagittarius and Uranus in assertive Aries all connect to your ruler, Saturn, making it a day of much connection, expansion, friendship and nurturing.


Aquarius || Aquarius Rising

Spirit junkie. As we head out into the new energies of 2017, your ruler continues to orbit the sign of Aries, making you assertive and creative when it comes to communicating, connecting to community and bright ideas. Utilize this energy in your yearly resolutions and bring your originality and concern for humanity’s progress into your resolutions. With the month of January upon us, Capricorn Season is in focus, shining down on your spiritual side. Arts, composition, healing, retreat, and behind the scenes dealings or secrets will claim your attention. With Capricorn ruling this area of your chart, you are capable of bringing structure and authority to this nebulous and fluid area of life. It may feel daunting at times as you have a steep climb to claim the authority and respect you crave for this part of your life, but one foot in front of the other and dedicated focus bring you to acclaim for your ability to compose. Hold off until the 8th to initiate things in this area of your life, as Mercury will be retrograde until then, but new doors have already started to open and goals may be in the processes of forming — it's just the initial step into new goals and opportunities that we want to sit on for a bit. Not all the information we need is clear at the start of the month. As the 12th rolls around, our yearly Cancer full moon brings fullness to things we've been nurturing since the summer. Cancer's energy lies beneath the surface; it's where we grow our roots and nurture or families and homes. What is manifesting now may not be apparent to others, but our roots are opening and growing and feeding at this time. If we've done a good job of protecting and tending to our nurturing needs, we will feel very stable and safe at mid-month, but if not, our polar sign of Capricorn will throw us off balance, as it represents our reach and tallest branches. Cancer rules your 6th house of process, purifying, work duties, lifestyle routines and daily wellness efforts. These are the things that will bring grounding to your life if you get tipped on your side this month. Pluto comes in with a powerful will to oppose at the full moon, and a step back for perspective will help you find the correct angle to deal with any issues or polar forces that arise near the 12th. Moving on to the 20th brings your personal season, Aquarius Season, into focus. As the sun surges through your sign, your agenda and personal desires will have the favors of our cosmic powers that be. It's your time to re-start a new path for the year and ask for what you most want. This is a process of new beginnings and fresh starts, which will become even more apparent on the 27th, at the new moon of your sign. New steps take courage, but the sun's vitality is on your side, and you will feel energized to create and boldly move into the world, showing us how original, humane, friendly and progressive you are. Positivity is a word you should hold onto for any new seeds of desire planted, as your ruler in Aries and your own sign of Aquarius come on strong, both holding positive charges of action.

Best Day: January 1st, your ruler receives a special supportive beam from the moon in your own sign, as well as loosely gets our seasonal ruler's favor from the expansive sign of Sagittarius. It's a terrific day to create more support and foundation in your life.


Pisces || Pisces Rising

Responsibility in groups. It's your season of progress and collaboration, Pisces. We start the year in Capricorn Season, placing your emphasis on finding an authoritative role in groups and networks, and friend circles will put duty bound self to good use. You like to feel a purpose in life, and in groups, your purpose is to create structure and authority with dedication and focus. You have the steepest climb of the other signs to find your place in groups, but with a step by step, steady wins the race mentality, you find yourself at the top of the chain, leading humanity's collective efforts, through whatever networks and movements you plug into; the CEO of world progress. Wait until after the 8th to take any first steps into new energy and doors opening to you here, as Mercury retrograde isn't allowing us to see with acute clarity until after that date. As we progress to the 12th, our yearly Cancer full moon arrives, illuminating our needs for security, protection, home and family. Things that have been in the works since summer will come to fruition, but the Cancer side of ourselves often operates underground, where we feed our roots, so subtlety is the key to understanding what is blossoming now. With Pluto in opposition to this moon, power struggles and destructive forces may come to the surface. The challenge now is to step back to find perspective before reacting, if issues do arise for you. This gives you the ability to see where there are angles to best deal with the scenarios getting in your way. If multiple issues arise and a crossroads of sorts is felt, deal with one thing at a time. Keep your focus in-tact and don't try to multitask problems, you'll lose your bearings. For you, this Cancer energy rules the part of your chart connected to your leadership, creativity and youthful self-expression. You are imaginative and may have a very feminine, nurturing way with your creative and leading potential. Use that to your advantage by finding creative solutions that will help your zest for life blossom, as it should, at this lunar event. Moving to the 20th, a new season, Aquarius Season, take the helm, and with it, you enter your artistic, spiritual and escapist time of year. Take a beat if needed and dive into work that holds symbolism. Art, music, poetry — all of these will help you decompress from the past year of activity, before your birthday season, when you'll restart a new yearly cycle. Inspiration will surface, and you compose things that symbolically represent your year of experience. You may feel the urge to plug into the inspiration coming up, but that will happen next month, so write things down and keep plugging into your dreams and other spiritual opening available to you now.

Best Day: January 12th, your ruler gets a lovely smooch from gracious and harmonizing Venus in your own sign. Update your style, wardrobe, look. Anything that brings you pleasure will feel very special now.

Creating lifestyle magic with our stars, this is what CosmoMuse passionately pursues. There is infinite inspiration available through astrology to inform our lives and we think this is a fantastic way to add intention and playfulness to ‘lifestyle’. Going far and beyond the Sun sign horoscope (although we do provide this coveted tradition on our horoscope page), what most people don’t realize is that we all contain aspects of each sign in our astrological makeup. We hope to show and collaborate with others in an experiment on how to use the energy and patterns of our cosmos, to our advantage, with fun and style. Living in season with the planets is actual magic!