​I Took a Thyroid Yoga® Teacher Training with Fern Olivia and Here’s What Happened

  • Brit Hastings
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In November 2016, I had the opportunity to participate in Fern Olivia’s Thyroid Yoga Practitioner® Training at the Ra Ma Institute in Venice, California. Fern Olivia developed the training based on her own experience living with Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune thyroid condition) and learning to heal herself through Western and Eastern modalities. Her ground-breaking training includes a myriad of teachers, doctors, and thought leaders who she has brought together to create a curriculum that not only supports the thyroid, but optimal health, in general. Fern is part of a wave of teachers who are marrying Eastern and Western philosophy to address the health concerns of our time. What she is doing is truly remarkable and unlike anything that exists out there for thyroid health and yoga.

As someone who does not suffer from a thyroid condition, I did not know what to expect going into a long weekend of workshops intended to support thyroid healing. But the training was so much more than that to the point where “training” doesn’t really give the experience justice – what I received was a true up-cycling of my energy and an awakening in my consciousness.

Due to the profound shift that I felt, I wanted to share my experience – Fern’s course is truly for anyone looking to improve their lives holistically, find their true voice, and ultimately, elevate their vibration. Here’s a look at the three shifts that I made through Fern Olivia’s training.

Fern Olivia’s Thyroid Yoga Practioner® Training is available as a virtual offering open for enrollment to anyone in the world (sign up here). Fern will offer the next live training at Pure Yoga in NYC April 28-30 with guest experts Melissa French, Brian Nygard, and Dr. Gabrielle Lyon (register for NYC here). Another training will be offered in Australia in June 2017. (Register here).

1. A New Holistic Approach to Health

Over the course of the training, we heard from functional medicine practitioners Dana James and Dr. Aunna Pourang about the importance of a healthy functioning thyroid. The bottom line - a healthy thyroid gland regulates our metabolism *If you are concerned about your thyroid functioning, ask your doctor to test for the Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) which will tell you if your thyroid is working properly. I found the science fascinating, but I was really struck by the weight that James and Pourang put on lifestyle habits. Most often, thyroid health (and hormonal balance in general) is best addressed through lifestyle changes and adding practices like yoga and meditation; simple solutions to our overall well-being start in the kitchen, yoga studio, even in our relationships. Did you know, for instance, that feelings of loneliness and disconnection can cause inflammation, which happens to disrupt proper thyroid hormone conversion? Stress and food sensitivities (gluten is often a culprit) can also interfere with healthy thyroid functioning. The beliefs that we have about ourselves such as “I am (un)worthy,” can play as strong a role in our health outcomes as the pills we ingest. I learned how important it is to consider your mental environment, your kitchen, and your relationships as part of your total health equation.

2. Find Your Voice & Develop Conviction

Thyroid health relates to the 5th Chakra, your center of communication and truth. Words cut our reality. We heard from speakers about the importance of our unique purpose and message and strengthened our own voices through Mantra and chanting. To experience chanting firsthand is something really special. It’s powerful to let your voice go, to let it blend with a group, to feel the resonance in your own body. All I can say is, to give it a try. I left the training with a strong feeling that the time for self-doubt was over and that it was time to step into my power. What message do you feel called to share? This training will help you tap into this place of purpose and higher service. One speaker asked (and I love this question): How would your life be different if you believed that you were the most influential woman in the room?

3. Raise Your Vibration & Awaken Your Consciousness

Energy, energy, energy. It speaks louder than words. This is something that we all intuitively know but too often, ignore or downplay. Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness because it awakens our energy, our inner knowing, and our consciousness. Guru Jagat calls Kundalini the technology of our time because the short, simple Kriyas and meditations are easy to incorporate into daily life. Make yourself magnetic with these breathing exercises and kriyas and watch your energy shift and your perspective open. These exercises are powerful. After just 3 days of Kriyas, I had no desire to drink coffee or eat sugar (I can’t remember a day that I’ve gone without either) and I just felt… clear. Fern’s training is a lovely introduction to simple Kundalini practices that will jumpstart your experience.

After Fern Olivia’s Thyroid Yoga Practioner® Training, I feel like my eyes have been opened and there's no going back. Mind. Blown. The training instilled in me a deep desire to dive deeper, to keep educating myself, and to continue on this path of healing, yoga, and self-study. I felt full of possibility and empowered to live from a place of truth. I highly encourage you to explore Fern’s offering at Pure Yoga in NYC April 28-30 and in Australia in June 2017.

Also, be sure to connect with her on instagram @FernOlivia and Facebook, and be on the look out for her book, too!


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