Here’s the Skinny: Why Creating a Sacred Space Will Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

  • Sarah Anne Stewart
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The Truth About Weight Loss

We’ve all done it: grazed the covers of the fashion magazines at the grocery store check-out thinking, “I wish I looked and felt better naked.” We’ve felt the anxiety over the notion that our dream bodies are out of reach. We’ve turned to the so-called “quick fixes,” the magic pills, secret elixirs, and instant cleanses that promise that we will wake up ten pounds slimmer. We all know they don’t work.

The fact is that true wellness and beauty cannot be packaged in a bottle. I have traveled across the world and, trust me, if an overnight elixir was out there, I would have found it by now. Instead, what I’ve learned through my own journey along with hundreds of hours of coaching clients with eating disorders, is that the secret to weight loss lies within. Creating a beautiful, long, healthy life – one where you will feel absolutely gorgeous in your own skin – can only be done through your own inner strength and light.

Why We All Need a Sacred Space

I have also discovered that my clients find it easier to tap into their internal strength when they create an external space to dedicate to mindfulness. A physical altar acts like an anchor holding you to your intention to achieve (and sustain) a healthy weight. Additionally, this space provides the inspiration to overcome the social, emotional, and spiritual blocks preventing you from moving forward with your wellness journey. Watch as your altar becomes a ‘safe-sanctuary’ in which you feel protected and at peace, where you can escape from the world, release anxiety about your weight, and ultimately, get back to your truth.

A ‘sacred altar’ in your home reinforces your intention to embrace a new way of living – one with more inner peace and greater self-love. An altar serves as a reminder that you desire a life that is filled with positive thoughts and energy. This beautiful, clutter-free space should be filled with hand-chosen things from your life that provide support, comfort, and contentment in your heart.

How to Make Your Own Altar

To build a sacred altar in your home, pick a place that is energetically balanced and feels healing to you. Choose a spot that is visible and will remind you to take time to meditate daily. Energetically clear the area with incense or sage, sending the message that you are committed to holding space for positivity.

Select items that you feel connected to and that evoke a spiritual feeling when you hold them closely. You may feel drawn to the elemental properties of nature and wish to include a plant, or you might add a small trinket that grounds you. Some examples are crystals, photos, statues, candles, incense, cards, herbs, dried flowers, and forgiveness letters. Be creative, follow your heart, and play. Arrange the objects on a small shelf or an elevated area where they are easily and aesthetically displayed.

Place a comfortable cushion or a beautiful yoga mat in front of your altar as a fixed place to sit. This area will serve as your personal safe space and I promise that it will soon become very special to you. Every time you approach this spot to rest or meditate, focus on shifting your mood to a completely relaxed state of mind. You can meditate, chant, journal, or do yoga in front of your altar. Once you’ve created your altar, make it a daily practice to do something supportive in front of it. Use the energy you've created to remind yourself of your highest spiritual intentions.

After several weeks of using the same space for meditation, you will create an invisible imprint. When you return to your altar, you may notice an almost automatic shift in mood. You can come back to this place whenever you are feeling unbalanced or are experiencing anxiety about food, your body, or your health. This is a place where you can always allow your soul to speak to you.

Journaling Exercise

Sit in front of your sacred altar every day and take a few moments to enjoy the beauty that you have created. You have physically shifted part of your environment to reflect the energy that you want in your life. Take deep breaths to absorb all of the good vibes in front of you. Write down 10 things that this altar makes you feel. What are the hopes that you have for this new space in your home? Allow yourself to appreciate all the internal support you have shown yourself throughout your day. Your altar reflects this growth. Explore the emotions that come up when you are physically present in your new space.

Meditation Exercise

Create a dim environment, light some incense, and sit comfortably in front of your altar, hands resting on your knees and facing upward with your thumb and third fingers together. With a straight spine, start to breathe deeply, focusing on your breath, and beginning to lengthen your inhalations and exhalations. As you slow each breath down, focus on bringing oxygen into every part of your being. As you exhale, allow your breath to release any tension, anxiety, and negative thoughts.

In this space, focus on an energy-releasing intention. My favorite one is, “I am releasing all energies within and around my body that are no longer serving me. I am sending these energies out of my space and to the light to be cleansed. I am clearing my space of lesser vibrations and allowing higher vibrations to enter.” Continue to let go and begin to focus your awareness on the wonderful things that are already in your life. Cultivate gratitude for all that you currently have manifested and brought forth into your reality – the things that exist in front of you right at this moment. This space is safe. Nothing negative can penetrate you as you detach from your thoughts. Continue to breathe and then sit restfully for a moment longer.

Over time, your sacred space will be a powerful place for you to build your strength so when you go back out into the world, you make decisions that consistently serve your well-being.

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