Get to Know Mona Godfrey

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Mona Godfrey teaches Vinyasa (flow), in which postures are mindfully synchronized to the breath in order to form a continuous and smooth flow. Mona believes Vinyasa's strength is rooted in this idea of attentive awareness.

Mona Godfrey was born in Riga Latvia, and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. In her teens, she and her family moved to the US where Mona first discovered the practice of yoga. Initially drawn to the physical aspect, she became consistent in the practice to help heal from a car accident. As if often goes, yoga and meditation began their transformation. With the combination of her injuries – which were asking her to be more grounded, and the authenticity of the studio she was attending, Mona stumbled upon the magical subtleties. What was meant to be nothing more than a personal immersion magically morphed into a new path.

Trained under the guidance of Diana Pipaloff and Jnanan Nanda Bjarati at 200 hours and Katherine Zirling and Rudra Newell at 300 hours, Mona is dedicated to living her yoga with heart, and to teaching with a commitment to the ancient traditions of yoga. She attends continuing education workshops and study groups, and is devoted to the on-going learning experience of being teacher and practitioner. Mona has taught in and managed various studios and retreat centres in the US, Australia, and Indonesia. Currently Mona is based in the UK.

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