5 Ways to Bring Serenity into Your Space

  • Lindsay Cohn
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After a long stressful day, all I want to do is escape from the city into my house and just relax. There really is no place like OM. Our home environment is a reflection of our internal self. And by this logic, our space should be a sanctuary; a reprieve from the chaos of the outside world.

Bringing peace, positivity and good vibes into your abode is easier than you may think. Here’s how:

1. Plants

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that Americans spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, so why not bring the outdoors in with some houseplants? Living plants improve air quality by absorbing toxins, reduce stress and fatigue, boost creativity and give off a calming energy. If you weren’t born with a green thumb, don’t worry! Succulents like cacti, aloe vera and snake plants are fuss free, easy to care for and extremely low-maintenance.

2. Scent

Scents carry aromatic benefits. Studies show that certain scents – like lavender, chamomile, jasmine and vanilla – actually trigger a chemical reaction in the brain that aids relaxation. Feeling stressed? Add a hint of natural fragrance to your space. Scented soy and beeswax candles, linen spray, incense and diffusers can enhance mood and overall well-being. And fresh flowers lend a visually and aromatically soothing element to any room.

3. Music

While there’s something to be said for the serenity of silence, music can be very relaxing – especially for those of us living in cities with constant noise. Playing mellow music can help drown out distractions, so you can enjoy some well-deserved peace and tranquility.

4. Light

Natural light does wonders for your mind, body, spirit and space. So take advantage of sunlight during the day. Task lamps (desk lamps, floor lamps and table lamps) can help supplement natural light and enhance your overall space. And warm light tends to be more soothing.

5. Color

Color can have a profound influence on our emotions. When it comes to a zen-inspired design, it’s all about cool colors. If you’re trying to create a relaxing atmosphere, opt for tranquil blues, greens and neutrals. How you use color to enhance serenity in your space is up to you. This could mean giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, or adding decorative accents like pillows, throws and art. 

About the author: Lindsay is a writer, editor and storyteller with a passion for holistic beauty and wellness. When she's not practicing vinyasa flow, you can find her trying to breathe deeply among the crowds of people on the M Train.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock