Defining Yoga Styles: Pranayama/Meditation

  • Megan McInturff
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Pranayama is a Sanskrit word the means “extension of the breath or life force (prana).” A Pranayama class is a restorative practice that focuses on meditation and controlled breathing techniques that cultivate stillness and quiet the mind. Yogic breathwork is a fundamental part of every yoga style and Pranayama is an excellent tool that will enhance your practice on every level.

As we learn to harness the breath, we begin to experience a new level of mind/body awareness which improves our capacity to live in the present moment. Living in the present, or in a state of “mindfulness,” allows us to pay attention to our thoughts, feelings and surroundings without attaching judgement. Removing judgement from our thoughts strengthens our ability to control emotional reactions and invites peace and contentment into our daily lives.