Connect to E(art)h with Mona in Morocco

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Connect to E(art)h with Mona in Morocco


Grab your pen and mark your November calendar. We don’t think you’ll want to miss these exceptional soul-celebrating yoga experiences. Mona Godfrey is teaching two back-to-back, weekend-long transformative workshops in Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains. If you can’t swing both, definitely try for one of these long weekends.


Mona is joining forces with Sunny Side Up, Wellness Travel in Morocco, which has a mission to share the light in celebration of mind, body, and soul. Come, dig in, and dive deep into your true nature through art, and reach new heights with your practice.


Share in the company of your fellow yogis and respond to the local community through Sunny Side Up’s mission to give back to the rural girls and women of the Atlas Mountains.


Art x Yoga with Mona Lisa Godfrey - Here

Nov. 17-21, 2018, Marrakech

Deepen your practice with Mona Lisa Godfrey in the magical city of Marrakech, one of Africa's most creative cultural hubs. Meet some of the most creative local minds, practice yoga in beautiful settings, and unwind in the beautiful setting of our boutique hotel, The Source.


Hiking x Yoga with Mona Lisa Godfrey - Here

Nov. 21-25, 2018, Atlas Mountains

From the breathtaking heights and sights of the Kasbah Bab Ourika, join us for this very special yoga adventure led by Mona Lisa Godfrey to the heart of Morocco's ancient Berber culture for an inspiring 4 nights of yoga, hiking, and meditation.



Your Teacher + Guide

Mona Godfrey

Mona Godfrey teaches Vinyasa (flow), in which postures are mindfully synchronized to the breath in order to form a continuous and smooth flow. Although Vinyasa has many meanings, when broken down, the root “nyasa” in Sanskrit denotes “to place” while the “vi” denotes “in a special way.” Mona believes Vinyasa's strength is rooted in this idea of attentive awareness.

Mona was born in Riga, Latvia, and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. In her teens, she and her family moved to Orange, California, where Mona turned to dance and athletics for refuge. Initially drawn to the physical aspects of yoga, she attended classes sporadically to improve flexibility and strength. Her relationship with yoga shifted when she developed a consistent practice at an authentic studio. It was there that she began to explore the idea of deepening her practice and perhaps one day teaching.

She is dedicated to living her yoga with passion and to teaching with a commitment to the ancient traditions of yoga.


Your Travel Guide

Sunny Side Up, Wellness Travel in Morocco

Sunny Side Up is the first travel company focused on wellness retreats in Morocco. By bringing together world-class yoga teachers with transformative cultural experiences, Sunny Side Up caters to a growing audience of wellness travellers that are looking for much more than just yoga in their retreats. Whether it is a boutique jazz festival in Tangiers or an artist-led graffiti workshop in Marrakech, our trips offer an exciting and curated immersion into Moroccan culture in addition to a unique opportunity for our guests to deepen their practice. The SSU team have been involved in travel in Morocco since 2007 and have developed a genuine friendship with a local community of creative movers and shakers that offer unique access to the experiences curated by Sunny Side Up. From their base in London, co-founders Nisma Benani and Charaf El Mansouri launched SSU earlier this year to offer an authentic, wholesome way to experience Morocco. While Charaf is passionate about culture, Nisma is a wellness warrior and certified yoga teacher. While Charaf is all about the big ideas and dreams, Nisma is meticulous and level-headed. They are supported by some of the most revered wellness teachers in London, from Michael J Wong (Here) to Mona Lisa Godfrey (Here). Yalla!


Giving Back: 1-1-1 for Female Rural Education

In Morocco, 83 percent of women living in rural areas are illiterate. Every trip we host funds one year of housing and education support for a girl from the Atlas Mountains. Through our partnership with Education for All (EFA),we are able to provide a safe space, food, boarding close to schools, and tutor support to ensure the girls are able to complete their education. More here.


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