5 Reasons Why Practicing Yoga at Home is for You

  • Megan McInturff
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I’ve never made it to a studio on time. I typically forget my yoga mat at home and there’s only one class each week that fits into my schedule. Yoga feels good and I want to practice, but I miss so many classes due to lack of time and motivation. All this changed after I decided to seek an alternate route: the home practice.

Perhaps you’re like me and just can’t find sync with the local studio. Or, maybe you’re new to yoga and want to give the practice a test drive. Or your location makes practicing at a studio impossible. The home practice saved me and it surely could do the same for you.

Here’s what’s to love:

1. Convenience: Practicing yoga at home allows you to put in the time and focus on your body when it best fits your schedule. Plus, you don’t have to worry about gas, traffic and the stress of another commute.

2. Professional Instructors: While studio classes can be hit or miss, expect to practice with the best of the best online. Highly produced videos are generally an indication that greater vetting has gone into the instructor and class content. Experienced and certified teachers will provide expert instruction and thoughtful cues so that you avoid injury and maximize your movement.

3. All Yours: You choose the focus and duration of each class. Put on a playlist of your choice (or not) - whatever suits your mood of the moment.

4. Saves $: Committing to a yoga studio can crush your bank account. Online yoga is consistently affordable.

5. Beginner Friendly: It is common for individuals who are new to yoga, or looking to start their practice, to be intimidated by a studio. Doing yoga at home eliminates the fear of fellow practitioners.

Don’t get me wrong: a large group with hands on instruction from a favorite instructor can be invigorating and necessary at times. The studio is a key component to the lifestyle. But a yoga practice, like most worthwhile things in life, requires mileage for progression. Returning to your mat with regularity is the key, and an online practice can get you there. And best of all, it couldn’t be more simple (so there are no excuses) - just turn on your device and begin your Practice For Life.