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  • Fern Olivia
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The throat chakra – associated with the thyroid gland – is the center of communication and creation. When the throat chakra is in alignment, communication is on point. A balanced fifth chakra grants us the power of projection and the ability to take right action from a place of truth. Blockages in the throat center occur when our communication is off with others or we’re creating a false version of ourselves. Lying (to ourselves and others), manipulation, fear, insecurity, talking too much, and thyroid dysfunction are signs that the throat chakra is out of whack.

To heal and balance the throat chakra, it’s absolutely critical that you express yourself authentically with confidence. This expression isn’t always verbal, either – it can be in the form of artistic creation or finding passion in your career. After nearly a decade of battling against my Hashimoto’s thyroid condition, I finally began to feel better when I learned how to open my throat chakra through yoga and initiate changes in my life on a soul-level, far deeper than pills and supplements were taking me. I’m happy to share these simple and powerful ways to cleanse and tune up your throat chakra.

1. Chanting and Singing

Chanting or singing everyday for a few minutes will promote balance in your throat center and help you develop a stronger voice. A good rule to follow for this chakra is to express yourself openly and lovingly, without fear of judgement. Even if you don’t consider yourself a singer, sing your heart out, fearlessly! Start in the shower, the car, and then when you feel ready, attend a Kirtan Circle or gather some good friends and chant together.

2. Massage

With one hand, gently massage the muscles on each side of the throat and neck. Use a wave-like motion from the collarbone up to the jaw, rhythmically squeezing for a couple of minutes. This physically opens up the thyroid and throat center. For optimum results, use essential oils (see #3).

3. Essential Oils

Applying essential oils to your throat chakra whenever you feel anxiety, fear or stress – common mental symptoms experienced with throat chakra blockages – will provide relaxation and stimulate blood flow to the area. I love using Grace Alchemy, my signature blend, which includes calming patchouli and geranium oils. For those looking to boost energy and bust through mental grogginess, I recommend Radiance Alchemy, my synergistic essential oil blend for promoting hormone balance and decreasing inflammation.

4. Speak Your Truth Courageously

It is only by mastering our word that we can truly open the doorway to our higher selves. Pay attention to how you speak – are you communicating from a place of fear or lack? Are you cutting others down? Practice powerfully speaking from your navel and throat chakra clearly and honestly. Know that from this place, all the laws of the Universe shall support you.

Be aware that cleansing the throat chakra can bring up thoughts, feelings and experiences that have been kept in the dark. You may end up cutting ties with old habits, relationships, or a career that isn’t aligned with your purpose. Although painful, this will put you on the path for a vibrant, healthy, fulfilled life.

About Fern Olivia

Fern Olivia is the founder of Thyroid.Yoga™, an incredibly unique method of empowering women and men to say goodbye to survival mode and thrive in consciousness and inner and outer beauty. Fern Olivia blends Ayurvedic nutrition, functional medicine, yoga, meditation, and more to help you live your most empowered life. In addition to working with clients one-one-one, she trains practitioners in the Thyroid.Yoga™ method, Fern Olivia has partnered with leading functional medicine doctors, and speaks at festivals, events and retreats worldwide. She also is the creator of the gorgeous luxe beauty brand, Ajai Alchemy, which uses the power of 100% organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils to promote healing and radiance. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to stay inspired and up-to-date on her offerings.