Warrior II Pose • Virabhadrasana II


STEP 1 - Begin standing and step your feet one-leg distance apart. Turn your right foot out so the outer edge of your foot is parallel with the long edge of your mat and angle your back foot towards your front foot 30 to 45 degrees. Align your heels on the same line.

STEP 2 - Inhale and reach your arms up in line with your legs. Exhale and bend your front knee 90 degrees until your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Look back at your left wrist and pull it over your left ankle. Feel how that shifts your shoulders over your hips. Bend your right knee more and press your knee out towards your little toe. Maintain space between your right hip and thigh bone. Relax your lumbar and buttocks down. Inhale and expand from your kidneys to your collar bones and float your arms slightly higher than your shoulders.

STEP 3 - Turn your palms up, engage your biceps, and then turn your palms back down without spinning the eyes of your elbows down. Gaze just past your right middle finger and breathe evenly in the pose.

Target Area:

Hips, Thighs, Outer Calves

Therapeutic Focus:

Improves concentration and balance. Strengthens quadriceps, gluteals, core and shoulders.

Prenatal Benefits:

Help strengthen your joints and improve your balance, Eases back pain and sciatica and help to build confidence as you head towards labor and delivery.

Props & Modifications:

Vary the bend on the front knee to your ability.