Thunderbolt Pose • Vajrasana

  • Adi Amar

STEP 1 - Vajrasana/Thunderbolt 1 -- Begin kneeling with your feet and knees together and your toes curled under. Lower your head to the floor in front of your knees, and reach back for the outer edges of your feet. Press your heels together as you sit up. Lean your weight back into your heels as you drop your head and round your spine. If you were to look at yourself from your side your profile would resemble the letter "C". Sink into your feet and relax your jaw. If there is pain in your knees elevate your hips. If there is pain in your feet, stay in the pose and relax the intensity of your effort.

STEP 2 - Vajrasana/Thunderbolt 2 -- Begin kneeling with your feet and knees together and your toes pointed straight back. Sit gently on your heels without letting your ankles splay apart. Stretch all ten of your toes and release your toe nails to the floor. Place your hands softly on your thighs and round your spine drop your head and scoop the flesh of your buttocks towards your knees. Relax and breathe into your back body. Inhale and lift your head to come out. Exhale prepare for vajrasana/thunderbolt 3.

STEP 3 - Vajrasana/Thunderbolt 3 -- Begin by placing the top of your right foot into your left arch with your toes facing away from each other sit back gently.Your left knee should be slightly forward of your right knee when organized correctly. Place your hands to your thighs and round your spine, dropping your head and relaxing your face. Drop your chest and round your spine.

Target Area:

Quadriceps, Low Back

Therapeutic Focus:

Stimulates digestive organs and improves circulation. Good for concentration and meditation.

Props & Modifications:

Place a blanket or a block over the back of the ankles and sit back to alleviate any strain on the knees and ankles.