Supported Shoulderstand • Salamba Sarvangasana

  • Sarah Kline

STEP 1 - Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent into your chest. Come in to plow pose by bringing legs over head, drawing the hands to your low back and possibly getting your toes to touch the ground above your head.

STEP 2 - Place your hands on lower back with finger tips facing upward. Walk the elbows in towards each other and walk the hands in close to your spine. Press the triceps in to the ground to lift your hips even higher. Keep the elbows shoulder width apart and do not let them splay out.

STEP 3 - You may then extend one leg up at a time toward the ceiling if your abdominals are strong enough. Bring your hips up over your shoulders as much as possible and feet over your elbows to keep the torso straight. For safety purposes, never turn your head side to side when in shoulder stand. Keep your gaze upwards and neck straight. Work on moving the hands down the back towards the shoulders with the fingertips still facing upward. To come out gently, lower the feet back over the head for plow pose. Roll out slowly from plow pose.

Target Area:

Shoulders, Chest, Core

Therapeutic Focus:

Relieves all internal organs from the effects of gravity. Stimulates thyroid gland.

Props & Modifications:

Put a blanket under shoulders to relieve pressure on the neck. Place a strap around your upper arms to keep the arms shoulder width apart. Measure the length of the strap ahead of time and slide it onto upper arms while in plow pose.