Standing Back Bend • Anuvittasana

  • Sarah Kline

STEP 1 - Begin by standing with your feet hip-distance apart in mountain pose. Extend the arms up overhead and bring the palms to touch.

STEP 2 - Distribute your body weight equally on both feet, and relax your shoulders away from ears. Engage your thighs and relax your buttocks to avoid crunching in your lower back. Push hips forward, gently lift and broaden your sternum upward, and begin bending back from torso.

STEP 3 - Gaze forward unless comfortable looking up. Arms may extend skyward alongside ears if this doesn't hurt your neck. Hold for a few breaths. Slowly return to mountain pose.

Target Area:

Legs, Feet, Back, Collarbones, Heart Opener

Therapeutic Focus:

Stretches shoulders and front of body and opens chest.

Props & Modifications:

Use your hands to support your lower back.