Reclining Big Toe Pose • Supta Padangusthasana

  • Adi Amar

STEP 1 - Begin by lying on your back. Lift up your right leg up and grab your big toe with your pointer and middle finger. Extend your right leg. Flex your left heel, internally rotate your left leg, and press the inner line of your leg down.

STEP 2 - Exhale, lift your head and chest toward your right leg. Engage your right quad and roll your right sitting bone toward your inner left thigh. Inhale and lower your head and chest down.

STEP 3 - Exhale and open your right leg to the right, keeping your left hip rooted. Inhale and return your right leg to center. Exhale and pull your right leg toward you and lift your head and chest up. Inhale and lower your head and chest. Exhale and release your right leg. Repeat the same procedure on your second side.

Target Area:

Hips, Legs

Therapeutic Focus:

Lengthens the hamstrings and calves. 

Props & Modifications:

Use a strap if you are unable to take a hold of the foot with the hand.

For a more restorative version, try this. Grab two straps, create a loop the length of one leg in each. Lay on your back and place the first strap around your left foot and cross it over to the top of your right thigh. Place the second loop around your right foot and behind your head above your ears around your occipital ridge. Flex through both of your feet and make sure the straps are taught , feel how the strap around your hip aids in rooting your outer hip and releasing your sacrum. Close your eyes and concentrate on the in flow and out flow of your breath. Work towards staying in this position for 5 minutes on each side.