Pigeon Prep • Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (prep)

  • Neesha Zollinger

STEP 1 - Begin in downward-facing dog. Start to come forward into plank pose and bring your left outer shin to the mat behind your hands. The outer left knee is on the mat behind the left wrist, and the outer left ankle is on the mat behind the right wrist. Your left foot can be drawn in toward the inner thighs or you can bring the left shin parallel to the front edge of the mat. If the foot is drawn in towards the inner thighs, you can extend the foot and rest the top of the foot on the mat. If your left foot is behind the right wrist and your shin is parallel to the top of the mat, flex your ankle to protect your knee. The placement of your foot and degree of then bend in the knee will depend on the openness of your hips

STEP 2 - Aim to square your hips off to the front of the mat. If your hips are not very open, keep the foot drawn in closer to the body. To help you guide your right hip forward, tuck the back toes under and push off the foot to bring the hip forward. Untuck the toes and look at your back foot. Your leg should be in one straight line from your knee to your ankle to your toes.

STEP 3 - Place your hands down onto the mat to keep the torso reaching high.To move deeper into the pose, begin to walk your hands forward and bow over your front leg.

Target Area:

Opens the rotator muscles of the hip and hip flexors.

Therapeutic Focus:

Relieves sciatica and low back pain.

Props & Modifications:

Bring a block or blanket underneath of the upper thigh or gluteal region of bent leg. Maintain an upright torso or begin the walk the hands forward and release the torso over the front leg. Bring the forehead to the mat or interlace the hands and rest the forehead on the hands.