Peaceful Warrior • Shanti Virabhadrasana

Begin in Warrior 2


STEP 1 - Allow your front knee to be over top of the front heel and ankle. Root down into the front foot. Back leg is lengthened and strong, as you root down in to the outer edge of the back foot.

STEP 2 - With this foundation, flip your front palm up toward the sky. Lengthen and reach forward with the front hand and then reach the hand up toward the sky. Tip your upper body towards your back leg. Back hand will come down to rest on the back leg, above or below the knee. Avoid placing too much weight into the bottom hand.

STEP 3 - Gaze will follow the top hand. Allow this pose to be a side stretch rather than a back bend. Continue to reach to the sky with your top finger tips to create more space in the side body. To come out of the pose, root down through the feet and let the top arm guide you back up to Warrior 2.

Target Area:

Torso, Obliques, Spine, Shoulders

Therapeutic Focus:

Stretches the sides of the torso, Relieves back pain, Calms Central Nervous System (CNS), Strengthens lower body

Props & Modifications:

For beginners, keep your back hand on the upper thigh. The more open you become in the side body, you can begin to move your back hand down the back leg. Avoid placing your hand directly on to the back knee.