One Legged Crow Pose • Eka Pada Bakasana


STEP 1 - Begin in downward-facing dog and step your right foot just behind your hands. Ground the inner triads of your hands with intention and connect your shoulder blades down your back. Place your right knee toward your armpit as high up your right arm as possible.

STEP 2 - Lean your weight forward, and gently lift your left leg away from the floor. You can hover your left knee towards your chest with your knee bent, or begin to extend your knee to straight and lengthen the front, back, and sides of your leg.

STEP 3 - Wake up your left toes and lift your right heel towards your buttocks. Extend your sternum forward as you gaze forward. Exhale to gracefully release and switch sides.

Target Area:

Upper Back, Shoulders, Core, Hamstrings 

Therapeutic Focus:

Improve balance and concentration. Strengthen shoulders, core and upper back.

Props & Modifications:

Place a blanket underneath face for safety.