Lord of the Dance Pose • Natarajasana

  • Neesha Zollinger

STEP 1 - Begin by taking baby dancer pose. Balancing on the right leg, catch the inside edge of your left foot. Hug your legs to the mid-line and square your hips to the front of your mat. When ready, start to hinge your pelvis forward on the fulcrum of your right thigh bone. As you lean forward, continue to squeeze your legs together so that your left leg does not splay out to the left.

STEP 2 - Press your left foot back into your hand as you stretch both sides of your back ribs forward and extend your right arm forward. To play with full dancer, most people need to use a strap. If you are a deep back-bender you only need a small loop in the strap, but if you are stiff, use a big loop. Stand on your right leg, use a wall for support if you like. Reach and look back at your left foot and with your left arm externally rotating (as if you were serving the loop like a tray behind you), catch your left foot in the strap. Keep looking back (this helps keep the shoulders organized). Draw your foot in close, lift it up, lean forward flexing your right hip on your right leg again.

STEP 3 - As you pull from your left hand into your left shoulder, spin your left elbow up as you simultaneously turn your gaze forward again. Reach up with your right hand and catch the loop. As you lean your heart forward, push from your left hip through your left knee and foot to get more extension. Hold steady power in your right leg keep hugging your legs to the middle. If you feel ready, you can walk your hands down the loop to catch your foot. If you do this without the strap, it is the same, you simply reach back with your left arm externally rotated to catch the baby toe side of your left foot with your thumb down. As with the strap, pull the left foot close, and rotate your left elbow up as you gaze forward.

Target Area:

Legs, Hips Flexors, Shoulders

Therapeutic Focus:

When done with proper alignment can be healing. Strengthens, stretches, improves balance.

Props & Modifications:

Using a strap is necessary for most to begin to access this pose. Also having a wall or a friend for balance is helpful as you are learning the actions, working this pose.