Pyramid • Parsvottanasana

  • Adi Amar

STEP 1 - Begin standing with your feet together. Inhale and step your left foot back and collect your elbows behind your back. Make two fists and press them together or bring your hands into reverse prayer pose behind your back.

STEP 2 - Make sure your feet are straddling an imaginary line. Your right foot is parallel to the side of your mat to the right of the line and your left foot is angled 45 degrees forward with your heel to the left side of the line. Inhale and square your hips forward and lift your chest.

STEP 3 - Exhale and fold forward pulling your right hip back. Make sure the inner edge of your right foot is rooted, your ankle is centered, your knee cap points toward your second and third toe, and your quad is engaged. Lift your right sitting bone to feel your hamstring. Press the outer edge of your left foot, and roll your left hip forward.

Target Area:

Hips, Hamstrings

Therapeutic Focus:

Strengthens and stretches legs and feet. Aids in digestion.

Props & Modifications:

Make two fists and press them together, bring hands palm to palm in reverse prayer, or clasp elbows with opposite hands.