High Lunge • Anjeneyasana

  • Amanda Botur

STEP 1 - Begin in downward-facing dog. Exhale and step your right foot in between the hands. Stack the right knee directly over the ankle, resisting the temptation of the right knee to go beyond the ankle. Start with both hands on either side of the right foot and establish your foundation.

STEP 2 - Reach the back leg back powerfully, pressing the front thigh bone down and lifting the back thigh up toward the sky. Bring both hands on top of the right thigh, reground the tailbone towards the earth as you draw up the front of the pelvis.

STEP 3 - Stay soft and maintain the energetic movements of your base as you inhale life the arms to the sky. Stay soft, keeping your right thigh parallel to the earth. Keeping integrity with the lower spine, arch back with palms pressed together or wider, with the palms facing inward.

Target Area:

Thighs, Groin, Abdomen, Chest, Lungs, Shoulders, Armpits, Neck

Therapeutic Focus:

Builds strength and stamina and is good for balance and core cultivation.

Props & Modifications:

A modification is to bring the back leg to the earth in low lunge.