Head-to-Knee Forward Bend • Janu Sirsasana


STEP 1 - Begin seated with both of your legs stretched out in front of you. Bend your right knee, squeeze your knee and externally rotate your right thigh, dropping your knee to the right and placing your heel to the right side of your pubic bone. Flex your left heel engaging your left quad.

STEP 2 - Inhale, stretch your arms up extending the sides of your spine. Exhale and fold forward and grab your left shin, ankle, or foot. Inhale and extend your spine. Look forward and exhale, pulling the head of your left thigh bone back into your hip. Roll the top of your pelvis forward and relax your head as your right side of your torso turns toward your inner left knee. Breathe deeply and smoothly, breathing into your back body.

Target Area:

Hamstrings, Hip Opener

Therapeutic Focus:

Stimulates digestive and is calming to the nervous system.

Props & Modifications:

Sit up on a blanket or bolster if your hips and or hamstrings are tight. Support your bent leg knee with a block if you have any knee pain. Use a strap around your extended leg foot if your hamstrings are too tight to grab your foot.