Hanuman’s Pose • Hanumanasana


STEP 1 - Begin in a low lunge. Place your hands down on the mat on either side of your hips or on blocks if you need added height. Keeps your back toes tucked under. Shift your hips backwards and begin to straighten your front leg. Align your hips directly over your back knee so that your back thigh bone is vertical. Press the back of your front heel down and isometrically drag it back (try to move it back, but don’t actually move it). Simultaneously with your breath, flex the front toes to engage the front of the leg. Use this muscular activity to “scissor” the legs toward one another to the degree that your hips are square to the front of your mat. Root your front thigh bone down towards the ground.

STEP 2 - If your front leg is straight, move the blocks away if you have them. If your leg is straight, then start to walk your back foot backwards bringing the top of the back thigh to the mat. Maintaining your breath, square your hips and maintain muscular integrity. If at any point you can’t keep the strength of the pose, come out mindfully, keeping strength.

STEP 3 - If you are still strong in the pose, move your hips to the right and left, root your tailbone down, and stretch even more. Depending on the power in your legs to maintain square hips, you can stretch your arms up toward the sky. To get this you have to squeeze your legs together enough to be able to lengthen your spine up and out of your pelvis so that your arms and shoulders are free to fly.

Target Area:

Hamstrings, Calves, Hip Flexors 

Therapeutic Focus:

Relieves sciatica

Props & Modifications:

Most people need blocks under the hands for most stages of the pose. Use muscles to protect the hamstrings from overstretch, keep your hips square and protect hip flexors and low back, and get front leg straight to protect hamstrings and back.

Press finger tips or palms in to the mat or extend the arms overhead drawing the palms together.