Handstand • Adho Mukha Vrksasana

  • Simon Park

STEP 1 - Begin in downward facing dog with your hands shoulder width apart and fingers spread wide. Walk one foot forward and place it on the mat or ground below your hips/belly button region. Bring your shoulders to align over top of the wrists. Lift the back leg to about hip height and rotate it internally. Keep the lifted leg strong and the foot flexed.

STEP 2 - Draw your gaze in between your hands and start to draw your shoulders down your back even more. Root the upper arm bones into the shoulder sockets. Spin the creases of the elbows forward. Keep the elbows somewhat bent to absorb the force when you kick up. Take a deep bend on the standing leg and kick up. Maintain the internal rotation of the lifted leg to avoid your hips being uneven.

STEP 3 - Aim to jump off of the standing leg so you bring the top leg to vertical and keep the bottom knee bent. Hug the bent knee in to the chest and midline of the body to counter balance the weight. Once you are able to find your balance on your hands, begin to lift both legs vertical. Keep your gaze in between your hands and keep your elbows soft. Continue to lift the hips up and away from the rib cage.

Target Area:

Back, Core, Shoulders

Therapeutic Focus:

Energizes the mind and body by increasing blood flow to the brain. Increases confidence.

Props & Modifications:

Start with a wall or someone to spot you.