Garland Pose · Malasana


STEP 1 - Start in standing and bring your feet together. Bend your knees and let them separate as you come into a low squat. Your arms come inside of your thighs. You can bring the hands to prayer or place them on the mat in front of you.

STEP 2 - Walk your hands forward. Draw the tailbone down. Let your back round forward and the head and neck relax towards the earth. If your heels do not touch the ground, you can slide a blanket underneath your heels for support. Release through the tailbone as you let the neck relax. The head is heavy.

STEP 3 - For a deeper variation, draw the shoulders back and away from the ears and begin to reach your arms underneath your shins, one arm at a time. The backs of the hands touch the floor for support. You may also take a bind by grabbing for the opposite wrist.

Target Area:

Thighs, Lower back.

Therapeutic Focus:

Tones the belly, stimulates the organs of digestion, and stretches the groins, lower back and hips.

Props & Modifications:

If your heels come off the ground, roll up a blanket or the back edge of your mat and place it underneath your heels for support. Sit on a block or bolster to help open the hips without the strain.