Frog Pose • Bhekasana


STEP 1 - Begin lying on your stomach in sphinx pose. Take your elbows to the earth directly underneath your shoulders; make sure that your forearms are parallel. Think about pulling your chest forward through the arms.

STEP 2 - Begin with half frog pose (Ardha Bhekasana). Bend your right knee and reach back with your right hand, gripping the inside of the right foot. Ground down through the right hip. Begin to pull the foot towards the right buttocks. Over time, the right elbow will spin up towards the ceiling and the fingers will turn towards the front of the mat. Make sure that your right side isn't lifting off of the ground and root through the right hip. Keep the left shoulder open through the left shoulder. Take a few breaths here (hold anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes) and then gently come out of the pose and return to sphinx. Repeat on the second side for the same amount of time. Half Bhekasana will help your hips to open so that you can try the full pose.

STEP 3 - For full frog, return to your sphinx pose and then bring your chest to the earth. Hands come to the mat outside of your shoulders with elbows lifted. Bend both knees and reach both hands back and find a grip on the inner edges of your feet. Pull on your feet to squeeze them towards the buttocks. Focus on grounding down through the hips, lengthening the tailbone, and broadening through the chest. Take a few breaths here. When you are ready, gently release the pose and return to your belly.

Target Area:

Ankles, Quadriceps, Groin, Hip Flexors, Chest, Back Muscles, Internal Organs

Therapeutic Focus:

Stretches the front of the body (ankles, quadriceps, and groin area) and gets into the deep hip flexors while opening the chest. Strengthens back muscles and improves posture. Stimulates internal organs.

Props & Modifications:

You can place a bolster under your lower ribs for added support and lift in the upper torso. Press your free forearm on the floor in front of the bolster.