Firefly Pose • Tittibhasana


STEP 1 - Begin by stepping your feet outer-mat width apart and fold forward. Bend your knees a few inches and hug your legs to the midline to activate the legs, keeping your feet where they are. This same tone will also enable you to do the hand balance later on. Keeping the muscular action in your legs, walk one hand and arm in between and behind your respective feet and legs.Use your hand on the back of the heel and calf to help get your shoulders and rib cage as deeply behind the legs as possible.

STEP 2 - Walk your hands back behind your heels and set your hands down with your fingers facing forward (the same direction as your toes). Bend your knees more, to get your palms down or place your hands on blocks under each one. Once your hands are down (on either a block or the mat), make sure your hands are aligned and activated. Sit back until your seat comes down to your upper arms, arms bent. Increase the activation in your legs by squeezing your shins in and use the power of your inner thighs to press them back and apart, giving lightness to your behind and lifting your feet off of the ground.

STEP 3 - Lift your feet, cross them, and squeeze them together. Keep using the power of your upper legs turning in, back, and apart to stretch your legs straight. Simultaneously widen your collarbone for protection, as the weight of your legs can round the shoulders forward.

Target Area:

Hands, Arms, Shoulders, Intercostal Muscles, Hamstrings, Inner Thighs

Therapeutic Focus:

Increases upper body strength and core. Energizes and improves concentration.

Props & Modifications:

Using blocks under your hands help stiffer bodies get into the shape. This pose requires one to have very open hamstrings, hips, and inner thighs.