Fire Log Pose • Agnistambhasana

  • Neesha Zollinger

STEP 1 - Begin sitting with both knees bent into the chest and your feet on the mat. Lift your right leg up, externally rotate the leg from the hip and place the right ankle over the top of your left knee. Flex your right toes and ankle to engage evenly from the four corners of the bottom of your foot.

STEP 2 - Begin to roll on to the outer edge of the left foot. As you externally rotate from the left hip, allow the knee to fall open resting the outer left leg on the mat. It is like an Indian style seated position, but one shin is stacked on top of the other, like fire logs. Your right shin should be stacked on top of your left shin. Bring the right ankle on top of the left knee and the right knee is directly above the left ankle. The shins are parallel with the front edge of the mat.

STEP 3 - Keep the feet active and do not put pressure on the feet where you cause the foot to roll inward and create creases on the inner ankles. Maintain equal weight on both sitting bones and draw the lower back in by coming to the front edges of the sitting bones. Press down in to the sitting bones to lengthen the spine. Then, start to bend from the hips and lay the torso over the legs. Walk to the hands out in front of you and allow your head to fall towards the ground.

Target Area:

Outer Hips, Feet, Shins, Sitting Bones

Therapeutic Focus:

Stretches muscles of the hip. Relieves emotional stress. 

Props & Modifications:

Use a blanket or block to elevate hips, sitting with one ankle over the opposite knee or lying in eye of the needle pose. Use feet and shins to protect soft tissue in the knee from over stretching.