Forearm Balance / Feathered Peacock Pose • Pincha Mayurasana


STEP 1 - Begin by kneeling on your mat, with the front of your body close to and facing a wall. Lower down onto your forearms with your forearms shoulder-distance apart and parallel to each other with your wrists in front of your elbows. Your fingers should be one or two inches away from the wall. Walk your knees back, lengthening your torso and breathe fully into every part of your waist and rib cage (front, back, and sides). Extend your armpits toward your ears, lengthen your neck and keep your side body long, extending from the hips to the armpits. Soften your upper back to widen the collarbones. Keeping this, lift your knees and hips up.

STEP 2 - From this “dolphin” or “elbow dog” position walk your feet as far forward as you can toward your elbows staying in connection with your breath. Use your shoulder muscles to keep your hands where they are and step one foot forward, bending through that knee. Use your other leg to swing up, all the way to the wall.

STEP 3 - Maintaining action and placement of the hands and shoulders, with your breath activate your abdominals, hug your legs together and draw your tailbone up toward the sky. Your gaze should be at your finger tips, head up. Come down by slowly lowering one leg at a time. Resist the opposite leg coming down to slow and soften the descent.

Target Area:

Shoulders, Legs, Abdomen

Therapeutic Focus:

Relieves shoulder pain. Strengthens core and upper body.

Props & Modifications:

You can use a block between the hands as a prop or a strap around the upper arms to keep the arms hugging in towards center.