Extended Triangle Pose • Utthita Trikonasana

  • Adi Amar

STEP 1 - Begin standing and step your feet one-leg distance apart. Turn your right foot so the outer edge of your foot is parallel with the long edge of your mat and angle your back foot towards your front foot 30 to 45 degrees. Align your heels on the same line. Inhale and reach your arms up in line with your legs. Exhale and hinge from your right hip. Reach your right waist long over your right leg.

STEP 2 - Without compromising your right waist, gently release your right hand to a block at the outside of your right ankle, to your shin, ankle, foot or big toe. Press the inner line of your right foot and the outer line of your left foot into the mat and micro bend your right knee. Lift your knee cap by engaging your quads and rotate your right knee towards your little toe by externally rotating the right thigh. Maintain the action in your feet.

STEP 3 - Elongate the right side of the upper body by creating space in between your ribs. Roll your right shoulder back and away from your ear. Press your right hand as your reach your left arm up and revolve your gaze up towards your left hand. Inhale and press into your back foot to rise up gently.

Target Area:

Hips, Hamstrings and low back

Therapeutic Focus:

Strengthens and stretches the legs freeing the spine and clears congestion and disease from the legs.

Props & Modifications:

Use a block under your lower hand. Your upper arm can remain on your hip. Look down at the floor or straight ahead if there is pain/discomfort in the neck.