Extended Puppy Pose • Uttana Shishosana

  • Amanda Botur

STEP 1 - Begin on all fours in table top position with the hips directly over the knees and the shoulders over the wrists.

STEP 2 - Exhale and walk your hands forward towards the top edge of your mat as your hips and knees stay perpendicular. Elbows stay off the ground as you float your arm bones upward and roll the shoulders away from one and other.

STEP 3 - Soften your heart down toward the earth. Press in to the hands and keep the elbows extended. Feel the spine lengthening in both directions as you rest your forehead or chin on the earth.

Target Area:


Therapeutic Focus:

Great for stress while stretching the spine an shoulders.

Props & Modifications:

Place your elbows on the ground if it feels like too much effort in your shoulders.