Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose • Utthita Hasta Padangustasana


STEP 1 - Begin in equal standing pose, and place your left hand on your left hip, inhale your right leg up and either grab the side of your knee or big toe with your right hand or pointer and middle fingers.

STEP 2 - Exhale and straighten your right leg. Root down through the center of you left heel, stretching the line between your toes as you simultaneously lift up through your left quadricep. Internally rotate your left thigh, and engage your outer hip to stabilize your leg. Extend forward through the ball of your right foot as you drop your outer right hip and thigh, pulling the head of your thigh bone back towards your hip. Lift up through the front of your spine and draw the head of your right arm bone back, squaring your ribs and shoulders forward. Relax your jaw as you focus your eyes on one point to encourage your balance.

STEP 3 - Exhale and take your right leg out as you look to your left. Roll your right hip under as you externally rotate and stretch the inseam of your right leg. Inhale and return to the midline. Exhale and fold forward. Inhale and rise up.

Target Area:


Therapeutic Focus:

Promotes balance, focus, and strengthens legs. Improves joint mobility in the lower limbs.

Props & Modifications:

You can bend your knee or you can use a strap around the foot.