Eight-Angle Pose • Astavakrasana

  • Adi Amar

STEP 1 - Begin seated with legs straight in front of of you. Bend your right knee in towards your chest. Grab the outer edge of your right foot with your right hands and inner edge of the foot with your left hand. Draw your right knee to the outside of the ribcage. Pull your foot toward your right ear opening your hip.

STEP 2 - Tuck your right shoulder behind your right knee and squeeze your upper arm with your leg. Put your hands on the mat shoulder width apart by pressing the inner triad of your hand down. Cross your left ankle over your right ankle. Push down in to your hands to lift you hips up off the mat.

STEP 3 - Begin to bend the elbows and extend your legs to the right. As you bend in to the elbows even more, your chest starts to come forward and down as your hips move back. Your shoulders should remain in equal height with each other and your chest parallel with the mat. Continue to squeeze the right upper arm with both legs. Keep the collar bones broad and do not round the shoulders forward.

Target Area:

Hip Opener, Arm, Core

Therapeutic Focus:

Strengthens core and arms.

Props & Modifications:

Place blocks under your hands for added height. Practice pressing in to the hands and lifting the hips off the mat.