Crow Pose • Kakasana

  • Amanda Botur

STEP 1 - Begin on your knees and bring your hands to the mat. Place your hands shoulder width apart alongside the knees. Point your fingertips toward the front of the mat. Draw the belly button back towards the spine and activate the core.

STEP 2 - Press into the hands and come onto your toes. Externally rotate the legs at the hips, so the knees are spread wide. Reach the hands forward in the between the legs toward the front of the mat and spread the fingers wide. Soften the heart down and soften the inner thighs back. Start to draw the hands back along the mat and press your triceps into the front of the shins. The upper arms will create a ledge for the lower legs. Draw the belly back and in and start to come up onto your tips of your toes.

STEP 3 - Take one foot off the mat and hover. Continue to activate the core so the hips stay lifted. Lift the other foot off the mat to meet the other. Squeeze the inner edges of the feet together. Press the knees into the arms, and draw the inner thighs into the midline. Expand your back and draw the heels in toward your inner thighs. Keep your gaze toward the front edge of the mat, and keep your collarbones broad.

Target Area:

Back, shoulders, and core

Therapeutic Focus:

Increases upper body strength and confidence.

Props & Modifications:

Place a blanket under the face for safety. Step up on to a block to practice getting knees on to the backs of the arm and lifting up through the core.