Crane Pose • Bakasana


STEP 1 - Begin in mountain pose. Bring your feet hip width apart and begin to squat down into a wide squat. Reach your arms forward, bend at the elbows and place your palms on the mat about shoulder width apart.

STEP 2 - Come high on to the toes and see if you can work your kneecaps high on the arms, towards the armpits. Exhale and begin to lean your trunk forward, so that the feet begin to lift off the floor. Activate your core and lift the hips up by drawing the belly button in toward the spine.

STEP 3 - Expand through the collarbones and draw your shoulders down the back. Press down into the hands to straighten the arms. Your shoulders will be slightly in front of your wrists. Keep your gaze slightly forward.

Target Area:

Core, Upper Arms, Back

Therapeutic Focus:

Increases upper body strength and confidence.

Props & Modifications:

Use a blanket in front of you for a landing pad. Step up on block and lift one foot at a time off of block before completely hovering.