Cat / Cow Pose • Bitilasana / Marjaryasana


STEP 1 - Begin in child's pose and move forward onto your hands and knees into tabletop. Keep your wrists underneath the shoulders and the hips above the knees.

STEP 2 - Press actively into the earth with the finger tips, knuckles, heel of the hands, and tops of the feet. Exhale and draw the belly into the spine, round the back, tucking the chin into the chest, and tail under.

STEP 3 - Inhale and draw the heart through the arms, broaden through the collarbones, and lift the tail to the sky without disengaging the belly. Repeat with breath.

Target Area:

Back, Hips, Shoulders

Therapeutic Focus:

Relives back pain and increases spine mobility

Prenatal Benefits: 

Eases back pain, Warms and realigns and strengthens the spine, Takes the pressure and weight of your baby off your hips and back, Gentle stretch for back and abdominal muscles.

This pose can encourage baby to move into a ‘good’ LOA position for labor, and is a helpful pose during labor (with or without a birth ball). If baby is posterior can help relive the intensity of back labor.

Props & Modifications:

Vary the flexion and extension of your back.