Child’s Pose • Balasana


STEP 1 - Begin by kneeling with your big toes touching. Sit back on your heels and as you exhale, begin to fold your torso forward and down over the top of your thighs. You can widen your knees to your comfort level.

STEP 2 - Bring your forehead down to the mat in front of your knees, lengthen your tailbone away from the pelvis, and reach the crown of your head away from your neck. Hands can rest alongside the torso or be extended out in front of you with your palms face down on the mat.

Target Area:

Back, Shoulders, Feet, Shins

Therapeutic Focus:

Restorative pose to calm the mind and central nervous system

Prenatal Benefits: 

Relaxation, Stretches the lower back and hips, Great resting pose for labor in between the waves of energy, Takes the pressure of arms and legs if you’re laboring and delivering on your hands and knees. Have your birth partner massage the lower spine while you’re here to deepen the release.

Props & Modifications:

Put a blanket across the back of the lower legs in the achilles tendons area and then sit back on the blanket. Interlace hands at low back and rest cheek to the mat.

Bring arms along side your body with the palms facing up, rounding out the shoulders. Extend arms long and spread the palms open on the mat. 

Prenatal Modifications:

Widen your knees as much as necessary to allow space for your growing belly. You can use a bolster or a few blankets under the chest for support as your pregnancy progresses.