Camel Pose • Ustrasana


STEP 1 - Begin kneeling with your knees the same width as your hips. You can either keep the toes tucked or untucked behind you. If your toes are untucked, press the tops of the feet in to the mat. Externally rotate your arms and bring your hands to your low back. Point your finger tips down and spread your fingers wide. Your palms should be right where the sacrum begins, and use your hands to anchor the sacrum and tailbone down.

STEP 2 - The backbend will begin from behind the heart in the thoracic portion of your spine or mid back. Draw your shoulder blades down the back and start to lift your gaze. Lift your heart and chest towards the sky. Root the tailbone down so that the bend is not coming from the low back. The neck should be neutral without putting pressure on the cervical spine.

STEP 3 - Release the hands from the low back and place the hands on the backs of the ankles or on the lower calves. Press down through your hands to reach your chest and heart even higher. Relax your head back if it is comfortable in the neck.

Target Area:

Shoulders, Chest, Core, Hip Flexors

Therapeutic Focus:

Opens chest and front of the body to improve posture

Props & Modifications:

Bring hands to the low back and sacral region. Begin to lift the heart and open the front of the body from here.