Sara Clark is a certified Ayurvedic Nutritionist and ERYT 500-hour yoga teacher certified by Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She is based in New York City and is a faculty assistant at Kripalu Center, the largest yoga, health and holistic retreat center in North America. She is known for her compassionate teaching style and calming presence. Her powerful vinyasa classes will inspire you to deepen your practice, nourish your soul and leave you wanting more.

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Be Fearless

This rigorous class is all about stepping out of your comfort zone. Be fearless on your mat, so you can transfer that fearlessness back into your world.

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Embrace Change

Change is the only constant in our lives. This class is all about embracing change and being present with whatever shows up on and off the mat.

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Salute the Sun

Reach skyward and connect breath with movement as we introduce one of most vibrant sequences in yoga, the Sun Salute!

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Visvamitra’s Pose • Visvamitrasana

Opens the obliques, serratus and intercostal muscles, Strengthens arms, legs and core, Stretches hamstrings and inner thighs, Increases coordination, Improves balance

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Peaceful Warrior • Shanti Virabhadrasana

Stretches the sides of the torso, Relieves back pain, Calms Central Nervous System (CNS), Strengthens lower body