Nikki started her Pilates and Aerials journey in 2009 after dislocating her shoulder serving Lindsey Lohan tacos one night. After surgery, she tried multiple modalities to regain strength, stability, and flexibility, but nothing resonated with her body like Pilates did. Nikki grew up a competitive gymnast and multi-sport athlete, which laid the foundation to quickly fall in love with the principles of both modalities and lead to a life-long career.

Nikki began teaching Pilates in 2010 in Washington State. There she completed the BASI 500-Hour Pilates Comprehensive Certification, BASI Injuries and Pathologies Certification, and trained in aerial silks under a Cirque du Soleil trainer. In 2012, she moved to Ballito, South Africa to teach and study under BASI Master Trainer Tash Barnard. This was such a rich experience and set her teaching foundations within the rehabilitative community. Then in 2014, Nikki traveled to Bhagsu, India to study under the 14th Dalai Lama while completing her Yoga RYT 200. This experience brought grace to her life that she loves sharing with her students.

Today, you will find Nikki splitting her time between Jackson Hole, WY and living out of a duffel bag teaching movement and designing websites. Nikki loves being able to share her passion of movement with others and continue to progress her education. 

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Pilates Fundamentals

This foundational pilates class will teach you proper alignment of the spine, pelvic floor engagement, and shoulder mechanics. 

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Foam Rolling for the Back and Shoulders

This quick foam rolling routine feels amazing after a yoga or pilates class, or whenever your back and shoulders are feeling tight! Recommended props: full length foam roller.

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